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A ScrollablePositionedList where the list items can be grouped into sections.

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A ListView in which list items can be grouped to sections. Based on scrollable_positioned_list, which enables programatically scrolling of the list.

Features #

  • Easy creation of chat-like interfaces.
  • List items can be separated in groups.
  • For the groups an individual header can be set.
  • Sticky headers with floating option.
  • All fields from ScrollablePositionedList available.

Getting Started #

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

 sticky_grouped_list: ^3.1.0

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:sticky_grouped_list/sticky_grouped_list.dart';

Create a StickyGroupedListView Widget:

  final GroupedItemScrollController itemScrollController = GroupedItemScrollController();

  StickyGroupedListView<dynamic, String>(
    elements: _elements,
    groupBy: (dynamic element) => element['group'],
    groupSeparatorBuilder: (dynamic element) => Text(element['group']),
    itemBuilder: (context, dynamic element) => Text(element['name']),
    itemComparator: (e1, e2) => e1['name'].compareTo(e2['name']), // optional
    elementIdentifier: (element) => // optional - see below for usage
    itemScrollController: itemScrollController, // optional
    order: StickyGroupedListOrder.ASC, // optional

If you are using the GroupedItemScrollController you can scroll or jump to an specific position in the list programatically:

  1. By using the index, which will scroll to the element at position [index]:
  itemScrollController.scrollTo(index: 4, duration: Duration(seconds: 2));
  itemScrollController.jumpTo(index: 4);
  1. By using a pre defined element identifier. The identifier is defined by a Function which takes one element and returns a unique identifier of any type. The methods scrollToElement and jumpToElement can be used to jump to an element by providing the elements identifier instead of the index:
  final GroupedItemScrollController itemScrollController = GroupedItemScrollController();

  StickyGroupedListView<dynamic, String>(
    elements: _elements,
    elementIdentifier: (element) =>
    itemScrollController: itemScrollController, 

  itemScrollController.scrollToElement(identifier: 'item-1', duration: Duration(seconds: 2));
  itemScrollController.jumpToElement(identifier: 'item-2');

Parameters: #

NameDescriptionRequiredDefault value
elementsA list of the data you want to display in the listrequired-
itemBuilder / indexedItemBuilderFunction which returns an Widget which defines the item. indexedItemBuilder provides the current index as well. If both are defined indexedItemBuilder is preferredyes, either of them-
groupByFunction which maps an element to its grouped valuerequired-
groupSeparatorBuilderFunction which gets a element and returns an Widget which defines the group header separatorrequired-
separatorA Widget which defines a separator between items inside a groupnono separator
floatingHeaderWhen set to true the sticky header will float over the listnofalse
stickyHeaderBackgroundColorDefines the background color of the sticky headernoColor(0xffF7F7F7)
itemScrollControllerInstead of an ItemScrollController a GroupedItemScrollController needs to be
elementIdentifierUsed by itemScrollController and defines the unique identifier for each
orderChange to StickyGroupedListOrder.DESC to reverse the group sortingnoStickyGroupedListOrder.ASC
groupComparatorCan be used to define a custom sorting for the groups. Otherwise the natural sorting order is usedno-
itemComparatorCan be used to define a custom sorting for the elements inside each group. Otherwise the natural sorting order is usedno-
reverseScrolls in opposite from reading direction (Starting at bottom and scrolling up). Same as in scrollable_positioned_list.nofalse

GroupedItemScrollController.srollTo() and GroupedItemScrollController.jumpTo() automatic set the alignment so that the item is fully visible aligned under the group header. Both methods take automaticAlignment as a additional optional paramenter which needs to be set to true if alignment is specified.

Also the fields from ScrollablePositionedList.builder can be used.

Highlight - Chat Dialog #

Easy creation of chat-like dialogs. Just set the option reverse to true and the option order to StickyGroupedListOrder.DESC. A full example can be found in the examples. The list will be scrolled to the end in the initial state and therefore scrolling will be against redeaing direction.

Difference between grouped_list and sticky_grouped_list: #

TThe list views in the GroupedList package are based on the default flutter listview and the silver list. This package is based on the scrollable_positioned_list which enables the possibility to programatically scroll to certain positions in the list. So if you need the ability to programatically scroll the list use the this package otherwise I would recommend to use the GroupedList package.

Used packages: #

Package nameCopyrightLicense
scrollable_positioned_listCopyright 2018 the Dart project authors, Inc. All rights reservedBSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
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A ScrollablePositionedList where the list items can be grouped into sections.

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