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A package that helps you create a webpage with Jamstack using microCMS

static_micro_cms #

pub package

It is a package that helps you create a static webpage with Jamstack using microCMS.


Features #

When you use this package, you can create a static webpage with microCMS, a headless CMS. It loads all api data before building an application, so there is no need to access to apis at run-time, and no need to keep an api key in the source code. It offers more secure and faster websites. It can also load data in CI.

Getting started #

  1. Create a microCMS API in
  2. Create contents and define schemas.
  3. Download API schemas and put it in the project (ex. ./schemas/api-xxx-000.json). You can get it in [API Settings].
  4. Describe configurations in pubspec.yaml like below.
  baseUrl: "https://[your project name]"
    - endpoint: profile
      type: object
      schema: schema/api-profile-20211122080708.json
    - endpoint: news
      type: list
      schema: schema/api-news-20211121223418.json
  1. Get API key from cms console, and put it on .env in project root like below.
API_KEY=[your api key]
  1. To load data and create type definitions, run flutter pub run static_micro_cms. Then types.microcms.g.dart and datastore.microcms.g.dart will be created in /lib folder.
  2. [optional] if you don't want to upload api data, add *.microcms.g.dart to .gitignore

Usage #

After generation of the api data, you can use data with MicroCMSDataStore.[endpoint]Data.

how to write configs #

  • baseUrl: (required) The base url of the api. You can find it on [API Preview] window.
  • apis.endpoint: (required) The endpoint name of the content.
  • apis.type: (required) content type. "object" or "list"
  • apis.schema: (required) schema file path.

update only type definitions #

If you update api schemas but want to avoid useless communications, you can try flutter pub run static_micro_cms --dry. It updates only type definitions.

implementation progress #

  • contents

    • object
    • list
  • types

    • text
    • textArea
    • richEditor
    • image
    • date
    • boolean
    • select
    • number
    • custom
    • repeater
      • single field type only
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A package that helps you create a webpage with Jamstack using microCMS

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BSD-3-Clause (LICENSE)


dotenv, flutter, http, yaml


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