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High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart and Flutter.

sqlite_async #

High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart & Flutter.

SQLite is small, fast, has a lot of built-in functionality, and works great as an in-app database. However, SQLite is designed for many different use cases, and requires some configuration for optimal performance as an in-app database.

The sqlite3 Dart bindings are great for direct synchronous access to a SQLite database, but leaves the configuration up to the developer.

This library wraps the bindings and configures the database with a good set of defaults, with all database calls being asynchronous to avoid blocking the UI, while still providing direct SQL query access.

Features #

  • All operations are asynchronous by default - does not block the main isolate.
  • Watch a query to automatically re-run on changes to the underlying data.
  • Concurrent transactions supported by default - one write transaction and many multiple read transactions.
  • Uses WAL mode for fast writes and running read transactions concurrently with a write transaction.
  • Direct synchronous access in an isolate is supported for performance-sensitive use cases.
  • Automatically convert query args to JSON where applicable, making JSON1 operations simple.
  • Direct SQL queries - no wrapper classes or code generation required.

See this blog post, explaining why these features are important for using SQLite.

Installation #

dart pub add sqlite_async

For flutter applications, additionally add sqlite3_flutter_libs to include the native SQLite library.

For other platforms, see the sqlite3 package docs.

Web is currently not supported.

Getting Started #

import 'package:sqlite_async/sqlite_async.dart';

final migrations = SqliteMigrations()
  ..add(SqliteMigration(1, (tx) async {
    await tx.execute(

void main() async {
  final db = SqliteDatabase(path: 'test.db');
  await migrations.migrate(db);

  // Use execute() or executeBatch() for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements
  await db.executeBatch('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', [

  // Use getAll(), get() or getOptional() for SELECT statements
  var results = await db.getAll('SELECT * FROM test_data');
  print('Results: $results');

  // Combine multiple statements into a single write transaction for:
  // 1. Atomic persistence (all updates are either applied or rolled back).
  // 2. Improved throughput.
  await db.writeTransaction((tx) async {
    await tx.execute('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', ['Test3']);
    await tx.execute('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', ['Test4']);

  await db.close();

Web #

Web support is provided by the Drift library. Detailed instructions for compatibility and setup are listed in the link.

Web support requires Sqlite3 WASM and Drift worker Javascript files to be accessible via configurable URIs.

Default URIs are shown in the example below. URIs only need to be specified if they differ from default values.

Watched queries and table change notifications are only supported when using a custom Drift worker which is compiled by linking https://github.com/powersync-ja/drift/pull/1.


import 'package:sqlite_async/sqlite_async.dart';

final db = SqliteDatabase(
    path: 'test.db',
    options: SqliteOptions(
        webSqliteOptions: WebSqliteOptions(
            wasmUri: 'sqlite3.wasm', workerUri: 'db_worker.js')));

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High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart and Flutter.

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