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Solar Position Algorithm used for finding the orientation of the sun at any point on earth.

Solar Positioning Algorithm - Calculate the position of the sun at arbitrary coordinates. #

About #

This is a Dart implementation of the Solar Position Algorithm (SPA) by Ibrahim Reda and Afshin Andreas which is used by the U.S. government for radiology and energy purposes. See the paper here:

Given an observers coordinates and DateTime it can calculate the position of the sun and other information such as when the sun rises and sets.

Installation #

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

  spa: ^1.2.0

Example #

For a better example, see

main() {
  var output = spaCalculate(SPAParams(
    time: DateTime(2019, 7, 2, 22),
    longitude: -83.045753,
    latitude: 42.331429,
    elevation: 191,

  print('zenith: ${output.zenith}');
  print('azimuth_astro: ${output.azimuthAstro}');
  print('azimuth: ${output.azimuth}');
  print('incidence: ${output.incidence}');
  print('suntransit: ${output.sunTransit}');
  print('sunrise: ${output.sunrise}');
  print('sunset: ${output.sunset}');
zenith: 97.83236091904035
azimuth_astro: 131.18876481734603
azimuth: 311.18876481734605
incidence: 97.83236091904035
suntransit: 13.604235957046416
sunrise: 5.994654066296624
sunset: 21.21272791301299

Zenith will be less than 90 degrees when it's daytime.

Documentation #

Documentation can be found at

Accuracy #

Guaranteed accuracy of +/- 0.0003 degrees.

This library is tested against the C implementation by NREL using 1,000,000 random inputs, see test/spa_test.dart for more information.

Performance #

Benchmarks are done using benchmark/spa_benchmark.dart.

On my desktop with a Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2Ghz I get:

         [vm] Result: 16529 spa/s |  60 μs/spa
        [DDC] Result:  8077 spa/s | 123 μs/spa
[dart2js -O4] Result: 25316 spa/s |  39 μs/spa

On an LG K10 with a Snapdragon 410 @ 1.2Ghz I get:

Result: 1149 spa/s | 869 μs/spa
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Solar Position Algorithm used for finding the orientation of the sun at any point on earth.

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