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Create transaction and payment requests using Solana Pay

Solana Pay #

Solana Pay is a standard protocol and set of reference implementations that enable developers to incorporate decentralized payments into their apps and services.

The Solana blockchain confirms transactions in less than a second and costs on average $0.0005, providing users a seamless experience with no intermediaries.

Read the docs to get started.

Supporting Wallets #

Features #

Use this plugin in your Dart/Flutter app to:

  • Generate transaction and transfer request URLs using Solana Pay
  • Display QR codes for such URLS to enable quick P2P transactions (coming soon)
  • Embed a "Pay with Solana" button in your apps to incorporate decentralised payments (coming soon)
  • Track the progress of transactions in real time and keep your users updated (coming soon)

Getting started #

This package bundles everything needed to get started with Solana Pay. Once you have created a wallet and have a public address on the Solana network, you will be able to author transaction requests directly in-app, with no server required.

Usage #

To generate a transfer request URL:

String requestURL = encodeTransferRequestURL(TransferRequest(
          recipient: "your-wallet-address",
          amount: 3, // in SOL by default
          splToken: "mint-address-of-spl-token", // specify this to use SPL accounts
          reference: [],
          label: "Your amazing store",
          message: "Donuts",
          memo: "spl-memo"));

Additional information #

Solana Pay website

Solana Pay documentation

Solana Pay specification

Original JS package


This package and its contributors are neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by the Solana Foundation. This software is provided as-is, without a warranty of any kind.

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Create transaction and payment requests using Solana Pay

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