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An interpolated progress builder for video_player controllers

Have you been here before: you created a video player using video_player, but the progress bar updates way to infrequently and makes your UX look choppy?

Look no further than this package. It will make your video progress bars look smooooth ✨

Demo GIF

Since this is a GIF, the framerate is reduced, but rest assured that the bottom slider animates at the same framerate as your app.

Features #

  • Build a smoothly interpolated progress bar for video_player's VideoPlayerController instances.
  • Completely unopinianeted, build whatever you want design-wise
  • Use it for progress bars, spinners, more accurate time displays, ...

Getting started #

Install the package. This package depends on flutter_hooks, because I use it for everything anyway, check out the package if you don't know it, it makes life so much easier.

Usage #

Here is how you would build a simple slider for example:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    controller: controller,
    builder: (context, position, duration, child) => Slider(
      onChangeStart: (_) => controller.pause(),
      onChangeEnd: (_) =>,
      onChanged: (value) =>
          controller.seekTo(Duration(milliseconds: value.toInt())),
      value: position.inMilliseconds.toDouble(),
      min: 0,
      max: duration.inMilliseconds.toDouble(),

Example Project #

To take a look at the example (seen on the GIF above)

  1. Open example folder
  2. Run flutter create .
  3. flutter run on the iOS, android or web
  4. You might have to do additional setup steps for video_player to work, check their documentation for details