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The most customisable bottom sliding panel you can find on Just as you want it!

sliding_panel_pro changelog #

[1.0.0-nullsafety.3] - Jun 2, 2021 #

  • Verifying widget is mounted before calling setState().

[1.0.0-nullsafety.2] - May 12, 2021 #

  • Fixing code to be null-safety aware.

[1.0.0-nullsafety.1] - Apr 29, 2021 #

  • Updated code to be null-safety aware.

[1.0.0-nullsafety.0] - Apr 08, 2021 #

  • Initial version of sliding_panel_pro.
  • Forked from RaviKavaiya/sliding_panel.
  • Opt into null safety.
  • Sdk constraints: >=2.12.0 <3.0.0.
  • Compatible with flutter 2.0.0 stable.
  • Updated dependencies to latest release.

[1.3.2] - 14 October, 2020 #

  • Use built-in AppBar for PanelHeaderWidget instead of custom implementation.

[1.3.1] - 11 August, 2020 #

  • Fixed: PanelHeaderWidget did not respect the PanelHeaderOptions.centerTitle.

  • Fixed: When using modal panels with SafeAreaConfig, if the panel's content was larger, the top padding was not applied properly.

  • Fixed: If panel was put in Scaffold without AppBar, panel occupied more space unnecessarily.

[1.3.0] - 09 July, 2020 #

  • Fixed: When PanelHeaderWidget was removed from panel at runtime and then using PanelController.rebuild() caused the header's height being miscalculated. #21 (Thanks to @FilipeLarga)

  • Breaking change: The parameter allowedDraggingTill is now completely removed. It was deprecated since v1.0.3.

[1.2.4] - 22 June, 2020 #

  • Fixed: When snapping: PanelSnapping.disabled was used, the panel did not receive gestures if it was in between closed and expanded position. #19 (Thanks to @Warpath)

  • Fixed: When panel's height was manipulated (e.g., PanelController.setAnimatedPanelPosition()) with the content of panel itself, it tried to reset its position.

[1.2.3] - May 25, 2020 #

  • Fixed: When SlidingPanel was put inside a Stack widget, the content behind Panel, was not receiving gestures. #15 (Thanks to @live9080)

[1.2.2] - May 09, 2020 #

  • Fixed: TextTheme deprecation warnings.

  • Fixed: Some analyzer warnings of missing case clauses.

  • New: Use SafeAreaConfig.bodyHasSlivers if you plan to use Slivers in PanelContent.bodyContent.

[1.2.1] - April 22, 2020 #

  • Change: From now, the default safeAreaConfig will be SafeAreaConfig.all().

  • New: SafeAreaConfig.removePaddingFromContent added, that controls whether to remove auto-padding from panel content as well.

  • Fixed: When giving animatedAppearing: true or using a modal panel, rotating the device mistakenly moved the panel to initialPanelState.

  • Fixed: When using a modal panel, rotating the device and closing the panel would not restore control back to parent.

  • The PanelController.rebuild() is improved and also applies safeAreaConfig's padding after rebuild.

  • Fixed: When using modal panel, it would show an additional space on bottom on devices with notch (e.g., iPhone 11).

  • Fixed: When using modal panel, it would under-measure the panel height (even if there was enough space on screen available).

  • When panel's height reaches 0.0 position, the PanelDecoration.boxShadows are now hidden so that shadows are not visible even if the panel is closed.

  • The panel is now wrapped in a Material widget, so that the panelContent's widgets don't have to.

[1.1.2] - April 14, 2020 #

  • Fixed a bug that caused the safeAreaConfig to not work properly when giving margin to the PanelDecoration.

[1.1.1] - April 14, 2020 #

  • Breaking change: The parameter useSafeArea is now removed.

  • New: Parameter safeAreaConfig now lets you choose the directions in which to apply the padding to avoid notch, status bar and nav-bar as well.

  • New: gradient, backgroundBlendMode and image can now be provided to PanelDecoration.

[1.0.5] - April 13, 2020 #

  • Fixes: #14

  • Change: In this release, the way the useSafeArea parameter works, is changed. Instead of wrapping whole panel in SafeArea, only top, left and right padding will be applied as necessary.

    • That means from now, PanelContent.bodyContent, BackdropConfig's shadow will be un-affected by useSafeArea parameter and will get full screen available.

[1.0.4] - April 11, 2020 #

  • Fix: BackPressBehavior.CLOSE_PERSIST was closing the parent route. Now it works as expected.

  • Breaking change: BackPressBehavior.CLOSE_PERSIST is now also valid for two-state panels.

  • Breaking change: BackPressBehavior.COLLAPSE_CLOSE_PERSIST is now considered as BackPressBehavior.CLOSE_PERSIST for two-state panels.

[1.0.3] - March 30, 2020 #

  • New: useSafeArea parameter, that allows you to wrap the panel inside the SafeArea parameter, in order to avoid notch and status bar of device!

  • Fix: Opening/closing a modal panel several times caused the app to freeze, making it unable to interact with either the panel or the content. #12

  • Fix: An example caused height overflow.

  • Fix: The panel did not remember previous position when device was rotated. Now, it remembers and animates correctly. Also, doesn't send duplicate events to listeners when such situation arises. Though this feature works for all types of panels, this is more effective when using autoSizing.

  • Deprecation: The parameter allowedDraggingTill is now deprecated and should be avoided. It has some flaws that cause problems like panel not draggable, content not scrollable, etc. These issues won't be fixed and this feature may be removed in future releases. Apologies for that.

[1.0.2] - March 25, 2020 #

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the headerContent to take whole available Header width even if the leading was not specified. #9

[1.0.1] - January 24, 2020 #

sliding_panel's first 2020 update comes with a bunch of changes, fixes and enhancements!

For migration to this version, visit the Migration guide.

Dismissible panel #

  • Now, the panel can be dismissed. Means, it can work as 4-state panel, namely expanded, collapsed, closed and dismissed.
  • As a part of this change, PanelController.dismiss(), PanelState.dismissed and InitialPanelState.dismissed were added.
  • This works for two-state panels also!

  • Use SlidingPanel exactly same as showModalBottomSheet(), by calling showModalSlidingPanel(). It pushes a new route, waits for a Navigator.of(context).pop()... And guess what, you can also send results back, same as you did in showModalBottomSheet()!!!

PanelHeader changes and improvements #

  • PanelHeader is now rendered as a SliverAppBar! It has its own advantages.
  • PanelHeader now also accepts a parameter: options, an instance of PanelHeaderOptions, specially meant to customize the header.

panelContent changes #

  • Breaking change: PanelContent.panelContent now only accepts a List<Widget>. To get access to ScrollController, grab that by PanelController.scrollData.scrollController.
  • Breaking change: As part of above change, you DON'T have to attach the ScrollController yourself to any Widget. It is now done automatically.
  • panelContent is now cached, so that it doesn't require parent to provide the same content twice due to PanelAutoSizing.

  • Breaking change: snapPanel was removed. Instead, a new enum called PanelSnapping is introduced. (The parameter is now called snapping).

  • Breaking change: In PanelDecoration , the backgroundColor defaults to the app's canvas color (i.e., Theme.of(context).canvasColor).

  • Breaking change: The Duration is now calculated from PanelState.dismissed to PanelState.expanded instead of from PanelState.closed to PanelState.expanded.

  • Breaking change: The PanelController.popWithResult() will dismiss the panel, instead of close. To avoid this, set shouldCloseOnly to true. (This also applies to a newly introduced PanelController.popWithThrowResult()).

  • Change: Now, the PanelController doesn't throw error when it is re-assigned to different SlidingPanel. It simply ignores old one and points to new one.

  • Change: PanelCollapsedWidget is now shown below the PanelHeaderWidget.

  • Refactor: The code in panel.dart is refactored a lot. Now, it should be easy to understand.

  • Fix + improved: PanelAutoSizing related bugs fixed (they were many), unnecessary calculations removed.
  • Fix: For calculating various heights, 'Screen height (and width)' was used. Now, available 'Constrained height' is used, for more accurate calculation.
  • Fix: A bug fixed that caused double.infinity or double.NaN when duration was being calculated.
  • Fix: A bug fixed that caused double.NaN when backdrop opacity was being calculated.
  • Fix: A bug fixed that caused double.NaN when panel's expanded height was being calculated.
  • Fix: Disposed with active ticker bug fixed. (Was caused when panel is animating and route is popped.)
  • Fix: The panel now remembers the position when device's resolution / orientation changes.
  • Fix: A bug with BackPressBehavior.COLLAPSE_CLOSE_POP fixed.

  • New: A whole new Sliver based layout, where the PanelHeaderWidget is a SliverAppBar and contents are inside SliverList.
  • New: Call rebuild() on PanelController to recalculate the PanelSize again.
  • New: New way to notify changes to the parent, using throwResult() and popWithThrowResult() which give results to onThrowResult callback.
  • New: A new parameter called useMinExpanded available in PanelAutoSizing, so that PanelSize.expandedHeight also gets considered when calculating the height.
  • New: A new parameter called panelClosedOptions available. Don't forget to check it out and decide what happens when the panel is closed.
  • New: Now PanelController.sizeData gives two additional properties: constrainedHeight and constrainedWidth.
  • New: New parameter: animatedAppearing. If true, the panel animates to initialState, initially.
  • New: New parameter: dragMultiplier. Now decide the amount of the panel slides when user drags the panel.

[0.7.0] - November 08, 2019 #

This release introduces below new features. There is no breaking change.

  • New: Now you can specify panel's maximum width under different device orientations using PanelMaxWidth parameter.
  • New: A new class PanelFooterWidget is added, so that you can give your panel a consistent bottom widget!
  • New: A new class PanelScrollData is added, which is helpful to get current scrolling position of the panel.

[0.5.0] - October 06, 2019 #

This package release introduces some API changes (majorly breaking changes) and a new underlying mechanism. Below are some of the changes. For complete list of changes and migration to this version, visit the Migration guide.

  • New: Now specify what happens when user presses back button, using BackPressBehavior and PanelPoppingBehavior.
  • New: Now you can specify the limit of user's dragging the panel, using allowedDraggingTill parameter.
  • New: Now you can provide Scrollable element inside panelContent, so that the panel can be dragged and scrolled at the same time.
  • New: snappingTriggerPercentage added, so that you have more control over panel snapping.
  • New: A new class PanelSizeData is added (accessed from PanelController), which helps to get updated PanelSize parameters of this panel.
  • When using PanelAutoSizing, you can not change values of PanelSize at runtime.
  • PanelController also contains some new and breaking changes.
  • onPanelExpanded, onPanelCollapsed and onPanelClosed are all combined in single : onPanelStateChanged.
  • Breaking change: The headerContent is now moved to a separate Widget called PanelHeaderWidget.
  • Breaking change: For panelContent, a new typedef is introduced, called PanelBodyBuilder.
  • Breaking change: PanelSize class no longer accepts values in pixels. Only percentage values can be given from now.
  • New and Breaking change: The PanelState : animating works in adifferent way and a new state indefinite added.

[0.2.0] - September 13, 2019 #

Now, the package is updated with some improvements as below:

  • The code is separated in multiple files for readability.
  • Almost all the functions of PanelController return a Future, so that you can do some action afterwards.
  • When a panel is visible, you can change the panel's height runtime and it will animate. (This feature is not stable).
  • Now you can provide the height of the panel in percentage of the screen also.
  • A persistent header widget can be provided.
  • The panel's height can be automatically determined depending on content! (see PanelAutoSizing class for this).

[0.1.0] - September 07, 2019 #

The initial release of the sliding_panel package. This includes below functions to the developers:

  • A highly customisable Sliding panel
  • Though many options available, it is made as easy as possible to tweak look and feel of the panel
  • A panel can work as Three-state panel or traditional Two-state panel
  • An easy to use PanelController, which helps getting current panel state and modifying its current state
  • PanelController allows to animate the panel to arbitrary position
  • Various callbacks that help getting current state of the panel
  • Parallax and Backdrop effects on the panel
  • Provide InitialPanelState property to decide how the panel is displayed initially
  • Also responds to user gestures
  • Panel can return arbitrary values back to the parent
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The most customisable bottom sliding panel you can find on Just as you want it!

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