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SkyMobile API is the API that was taken from the original SkyMobile app. SkyMobile API allows easy Skyward access for developers.

[4.1.1+1] - Bug Fix #

Something broke, and now here's an easy fix.

[4.1.0+1] - Easier to Use #

Fixed some consistency issues. Fixed a bug where sometimes "section" was required to get assignment data. Added useful methods to Assignment and Grade.

WARNING: Do not use the async methods in Grade and Assignment when you retrieve them from JSON! Due to security, user credentials aren't revealed in JSON. Grade got the async method getAssignment() as an easier way to access assignments! Assignment got the async method getProperties() as an easier way to access assignment properties! Assignment also got the method getClass(gradebook) to search for the class the assignment originated from in the gradebook object.

[4.0.0+2] - The Persistence Update #

Renamed Behavior class to FixedGrade: changed behavior property to grade and added isGradeBehavior() function. Added Gradebook "NAME" A bunch of organization updates: data_types.dart is no longer one file, but many joined together with part and part of. Again, please only import sky_core.dart! Importing anything else may not work and if it does, will expose internal functions that should not be used. Added support for encoding to JSON for these classes

  • Gradebook
  • GradebookSector
  • Class
  • Assignment
  • FixedGrade
  • Grade

[3.2.0+3] - Gradebook Object Update #

Gradebook is a separate class from GradebookSectors.

  • Gradebooks will contain a list of GradebookSectors and come with a bunch of functions to speed up the development of tools such as comparing
  • Made importing easier, now you only need to import sky_core

[3.1.0+2] - Fix for Multiple StuGrades #

Attempt to fix summer grades and other districts by making a breaking change.

  • getGradebook() will now return a list of gradebooks
  • tooltips no longer required

[3.0.0+25] - Parenthesis Bug #

Fixed weird extra parenthesis in the beginning of the term attribute in quick assignments Changed gbID to courseID.

[3.0.0+22] - Better Account Initialization #

If your account is a student account. The API will automatically try to initialize your account when any menu is clicked! 22 fixed a bug where there was huge spaces after!

[3.0.0+16] - Bug Fix #

Deleted old changelogs cause they were too repetitive. Nothing major will happen with the API until version 4.

Some things that were changed:

  • Changed the list of Nodes into a Gradebook object
  • Added Class Object
  • Removed some unnecessary objects
  • Changed assignment to assignment page
  • More data type refactoring
  • Added more information to assignments, like exact weights, in extra information if they are found
  • [14] Added a find grade from term in the datatype class
  • [15] Fixed bug on reversal of time period and course name
  • [16] Fixed bug where last category header would not show up!
  • [17] Attempted to fix bug where history would sometimes bring null values!

[2.3.6+2] - Bug Fix #

Fixed dependencies When grade bookk init gets a district not supported error. It'll try again, because this may be caused by a website session that has been inactive for too long.

[2.3.5+3] - Assignment Info DataType getUIMessage #

Now detects and puts a colon in the message if there is none.

[2.3.5+2] - Fixed Comment Support #

Assignment info comment support. Assignment info comment support. Added a long lost if statement that reduced speed of getting gradebook.

Tests were performed on decent internet.

One action : 7s 645 ms -> 4s 984ms Three actions : 21 s -> 14 s

[2.3.0+1] - Messages #

Added messages retrieval with attachments and hyperlinks.

  • Gets messages from Skyward
  • Retrieves attachments and attempts to keep formatting
  • Moved messages to a new method because of the sheer slowness

[2.2.1+2] - Retrieval of Current User #

Retrieve current user

[2.2.1+1] - User Name #

Added getting the logged-in user's name.

  • Adds more documentation
  • Makes more variables private for security purposes
  • Refactor of lib/src files to fit dart naming convention

[2.2.0+1] - Parental Account Support #

Added support for parent accounts with initializing accounts.

  • Better documentation will be provided later.

[2.1.0+3] - Small addition for maintenance checking #

Will return text of the error if maintenance is returned

[2.1.0+1] - Fix Github Retardation #

HUGE GLOW-UP (Refactor)

  • Removed duplicate code
  • Moved files around
  • Removed unnecessary code

[2.0.0+2] - Fix Github Retardation #

No description needed.

[2.0.0+1] - Server Implementation #

Added quick retrieval of assignments in the grade book.

  • Added new data type that allows you to store assignments from the grade book
  • Made for servers
  • Retrieves post-able assignment, grade, and term the grade is from

[1.1.0+3] - Bug Fix #

Fixed bug that caused second login to grade book of the same API object would fail.

  • Made Grade Book accessor values non static
  • Made initgradebook return list

[1.1.0+2] - Dev Test #


[1.1.0+1] - Refresh Rate Update #

To give the developer more flexibility over skyscrapeapi.

This update gives more power to the developer and allows for developers to relax more.

  • Refresh rates will now affect skyward log-ins
  • The developer can now choose IF they want to refresh skyward authentication automatically
  • Testing files now have settings testSettings.skyTest

[1.0.1+3] - Maintenance Update #

Added an example for developers to use in case they do not understand the documentation.

Reformatted all files to fit flutter's requests.

[1.0.1+2] - Organization Update #

Minor update for renaming and organizing library stuff.

[1.0.1+1] - Documentation Update #

Documentation is now available for developers to view.

[1.0.0+1] - First Official Pub Release #

I am confident now in my code and the errors it produces. The API tester code has been finished.

[0.0.1+2] - Rename to Camel Case #

Like the title, rename files to Camel Case

[0.0.1] - Initial Release #

SkyScrapeAPI is a dart API that allows you to login and pull data from Skyward. SkyScrapeAPI was separated from the original SkyMobile app to allow the API to develop separately from the main app.

SkyScrapeAPI will restart at 0.0.1.



  • Allows for error checking


  • Fixed bug where JSON Saver couldn't save ClassLevel


  • Removed unnecessary 4.0 GPA Credit attribute


  • Fixed bug where duplicate SchoolYears were returned.


  • Modified History Scraper and Data Types to support json saving.


  • Added History Scraper. Allows you to scrape from sfacademichistory001.w.


  • Adressed major bug which prevented users from Highland Park ISD from logging in. This should fix logging in bugs for all districts with wsEAplus in their url link name.


  • Remade Assignment scraping algorithm to support more districts.


  • Adds DistrictSearcher to search for districts family access links.


  • Fixed bug where assignments with the same name would display the same details: THIS BUG AFFECTS SKYMOBILE iOS AND WILL NOT BE FIXED FOR SKYMOBILE iOS


  • Can scrape assignment details.


  • Build the basic foundation. Initial release.
  • Can scrape gradebook and assignments.
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SkyMobile API is the API that was taken from the original SkyMobile app. SkyMobile API allows easy Skyward access for developers.

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