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A pure Dart client. client for Dart #

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Use this library in your Dart programs (Flutter, command-line and (TBD) AngularDart) to report errors thrown by your program to error tracking service.

Versions #

=0.0.0 and <2.0.0 is the range of versions compatible with Dart 1.

=2.0.0 and <3.0.0 is the range of versions compatible with Dart 2.

Usage #

Sign up for a account and get a DSN at

Add sentry dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  sentry: any

In your Dart code, import package:sentry/sentry.dart and create a SentryClient using the DSN issued by

import 'package:sentry/sentry.dart';

final SentryClient sentry = new SentryClient(dsn: YOUR_DSN);

In an exception handler, call captureException():

main() async {
  try {
  } catch(error, stackTrace) {
    await sentry.captureException(
      exception: error,
      stackTrace: stackTrace,

Tips for catching errors #

  • use a try/catch block
  • create a Zone with an error handler, e.g. using runZoned
  • in Flutter, use FlutterError.onError
  • use Isolate.current.addErrorListener to capture uncaught errors in the root zone

Found a bug? #

Please file it at