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A deadly simple LastFM API Wrapper for Dart. So deadly simple that it's gonna hit the mark.


Just a Last.FM API Wrapper for Dart. A package to interact with the official

Last.FM API.

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Disclaimer #

I'm doing it just for fun, so... use at your own risk.

I hope it will become something great.


Usage #

First build the .g files for Serializable (if you clone the repo):

pub run build_runner build

A simple usage example:

import 'package:scrobblenaut/scrobblenaut.dart';

// A simple example...
// For more, check the example folder.
void main() async {
  final lastFMAuth = await LastFM.noAuth(apiKey: APIValues.API);
  final scrobblenaut = Scrobblenaut(lastFM: lastFMAuth);
  // Start using the Wrapper...

Get Scrobblenaut #

Add Scrobblenaut dependency on pubspec.yaml:

From GitHub (for example: branch-name >> dev-build):

      ref: branch-name


  scrobblenaut: ^version-number

Features and bugs #

Status #

All the methods are available. Needs more time to check for problems caused by a bad information management from the API side. For example:

  • Tracks duration information taken from an album like method is different from a Track duration taken from a track info query.

  • Some variables can have strange content such as FIXME on some Track duration.

  • Many more. For now with my tests, this is the best I can handle. I just need more track and usage of my package to track different type of errors that can occurs.

Future of the package after all methods implemented #

It's still a long way. I have some ideas, and I'm going to continue to support it, just stay tuned.

For the documentation #

For now, You have to download the repo and run dartdoc on the console, on the root of the package. When I upload this package on you can use the documentation from there directly.

There's 2 type of usage:

  • with authentication;
  • without authentication.

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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A deadly simple LastFM API Wrapper for Dart. So deadly simple that it's gonna hit the mark.

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