schibsted_account_sdk 0.0.1

Flutter Android iOS

Flutter plugin for Schibsted Account SDK

schibsted_account_sdk #

Flutter plugin for Schibsted Account SDK

Disclaimer: This project is not maintained by Schibsted Account team. It is an independent initiative. Please report any issue or ideas directly into this repository. Pull requests are also welcome.

Getting Started #

Example project #

If you want to run the Android example project - please provide values in example/android/app/src/main/assets/schibsted_account.conf file. For more info visit the SDK Setup doc.

Android #

Configure your Android project following the steps in account-sdk-android docs

iOS #

Not supported at the moment :-( If somebody would like to add it - don't hesitate ;-)

Flutter #

Import the classes with: import 'package:schibsted_account_sdk/schibsted_account.dart';

To start the login flow, just call: SchibstedAccountPlugin.login;

To log out, just call: SchibstedAccountPlugin.logout;

You can listen to the exposed SchibstedAccountPlugin.loginEvents Stream to get the SchibstedAccountEvent login events which contain the current state. State can be a value from the SchibstedAccountState enum:

  • logged_out - user has logged out
  • logged_in - user has logged in and we have the User Data (email, displayName, ...)
  • unknown - should never happen. Would be sent if Android resultCode was unknown and not handeled by the plugin.
  • canceled - user cancels the Login flow.
  • fetching - user has logged in and we start to fetch the User Data (email, displayName, ...)
  • error - when the SDK fails at some point

For more reference on how to use the plugin check the example project in this repo.


  • [ ] Implement iOS
  • [ ] Write tests