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Code generator for rx_bloc that makes your BloC zero-boilerplate.


import 'package:rx_bloc/rx_bloc.dart';
import 'package:rxdart/rxdart.dart';

void main() {}

/// This BloC and its event and state contracts usually
/// resides in `counter_bloc.dart`
/// A contract class containing all events.
abstract class CounterBlocEvents {
  /// Increment the count event.
  void increment();

  /// Decrement the count event.
  void decrement();

/// A contract class containing all states for our multi state BloC.
abstract class CounterBlocStates {
  /// The count of the Counter
  /// It can be controlled by executing [CounterBlocEvents.increment] and
  /// [CounterBlocEvents.decrement]
  Stream<int> get count;

  /// Loading state
  Stream<bool> get isLoading;

  /// Error messages
  Stream<String> get errors;

  /// ... state n
  /// You can have as many states as you need.
  /// You're not limited to 1 state for a bloc class.

/// A RX `CounterBloc` which maps multiple events with multiple states.
class CounterBloc extends $CounterBloc {

  final ServerSimulator _server;

  /// Map increment and decrement events to `count` state.
  Stream<int> _mapToCountState() => Rx.merge<Result<int>>([
        // On increment.
        _$incrementEvent.flatMap((_) => _server.increment().asResultStream()),
        // On decrement.
        _$decrementEvent.flatMap((_) => _server.decrement().asResultStream()),
          // This automatically handles the error and loading state.
          // Provide success response only.
          //emit 0 as initial value

  Stream<String> _mapToErrorsState() =>

      /// Transform any exception into a readable string.
      errorState.map((result) => result.toString());

  Stream<bool> _mapToIsLoadingState() => loadingState;

/// This will simulate a server with 100 milliseconds response time.
class ServerSimulator {
  int _counter = 0;

  Future<int> increment() async {
    // Server response time.
    await Future.delayed(const Duration(milliseconds: 100));
    return ++_counter;

  Future<int> decrement() async {
    // Server response time.
    await Future.delayed(const Duration(milliseconds: 100));
    // Simulate an error from the server when the counter goes less than 1.
    if (_counter <= 0) {
      throw Exception('Minimum number is reached!');

    return --_counter;

/// The code below will be automatically generated
/// for you by `rx_bloc_generator`.
/// This generated class usually resides in [file-name].rxb.g.dart.
/// Find more info at https://pub.dev/packages/rx_bloc_generator.
/// ********************GENERATED CODE**************************************
/// CounterBlocType class used for bloc event and state access from widgets
abstract class CounterBlocType extends RxBlocTypeBase {
  CounterBlocEvents get events;

  CounterBlocStates get states;

/// $CounterBloc class - extended by the CounterBloc bloc
abstract class $CounterBloc extends RxBlocBase
    implements CounterBlocEvents, CounterBlocStates, CounterBlocType {
  final _$decrementEvent = PublishSubject<void>();

  void decrement() => _$decrementEvent.add(null);

  final _$incrementEvent = PublishSubject<void>();

  void increment() => _$incrementEvent.add(null);

  Stream<int>? _countState;

  Stream<int> get count => _countState ??= _mapToCountState();

  Stream<int> _mapToCountState();

  Stream<bool>? _isLoadingState;

  Stream<bool> get isLoading => _isLoadingState ??= _mapToIsLoadingState();

  Stream<bool> _mapToIsLoadingState();

  Stream<String>? _errorsState;

  Stream<String> get errors => _errorsState ??= _mapToErrorsState();

  Stream<String> _mapToErrorsState();

  CounterBlocEvents get events => this;

  CounterBlocStates get states => this;

  /// Dispose of all the opened streams when the bloc is closed.
  void dispose() {

/// ********************GENERATED CODE END**************************************