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Controlling the camera on Android and iOS plus rtmp live streaming support. Based off the Camera plugin.

rtmp_publisher_null_safety #

RTMP streaming and camera plugin.

Getting Started #

This plugin is an extension of the flutter camera plugin to add in rtmp streaming as part of the system. It works on android and iOS (but not web).

This means the API Is exactly the same as the camera and installation requirements are the same. The different is there is an extra API that is startStreaming(url) that takes an rtmp url and starts streaming to that specific url.

For android I use rtmp-rtsp-stream-client-java and for iOS I use HaishinKit.swift

Features: #

  • Display live camera preview in a widget.
  • Snapshots can be captured and saved to a file.
  • Record video.
  • Add access to the image stream from Dart.

Installation #

First, add camera as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

iOS #

Add two rows to the ios/Runner/Info.plist:

  • one with the key Privacy - Camera Usage Description and a usage description.
  • and one with the key Privacy - Microphone Usage Description and a usage description.

Or in text format add the key:

<string>Can I use the camera please?</string>
<string>Can I use the mic please?</string>

Android #

Change the minimum Android sdk version to 21 (or higher) in your android/app/build.gradle file.

minSdkVersion 21

Need to add in a section to the packaging options to exclude a file, or gradle will error on building.

packagingOptions {
   exclude 'project.clj'

Example #

example code

Install RTMP Server on Ubuntu 18.04 #

https://sites.google.com/view/facebook-rtmp-to-rtmps/home https://www.scaleway.com/en/docs/setup-rtmp-streaming-server/ https://topdev.vn/blog/streaming-media-voi-nginx-va-nginx-rtmp-module/

sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential libpcre3 libpcre3-dev libssl-dev nginx libnginx-mod-rtmp ffmpeg -y

sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

rtmp {
	server {
		listen 1935;
		chunk_size 4096;
		notify_method get;

		application live {
			live on;

			##Set this to "record off" if you don't want to save a copy of your broadcasts

			record off;
			#record all;

			## The directory in which the recordings will be stored
			## mkdir -p /var/www/html/recordings
			## chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/recordings/

			#record_path /var/www/html/recordings;
			#record_unique on;


sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

	location /auth {
		if ($arg_pwd = 'a_secret_password') {
			return 200;
		return 401;

	location /public {
		return 200;

    location /stat {
        rtmp_stat all;
        rtmp_stat_stylesheet stat.xsl;
        # Allow access from any visitor
        allow all;
        # Live updates for the stat page
        add_header Refresh "3; $request_uri";

    location /stat.xsl {
        root /var/www/;

    location /control {
        rtmp_control all;

        # Enable CORS
        add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin * always;

sudo systemctl restart nginx

cd /var/www/
sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/arut/nginx-rtmp-module/master/stat.xsl

Test tools #

OBS >> Ngnix >> VLC Player

  • OBS Publisher configuration:
In the Controls section of the Interface, click on Settings to enter the OBS configuration interface. Enter the Stream tab and enter the Information about your streaming instance.

Service: Custom
Server: rtmp://<instance_ip>/live
Stream Key: your_stream_key?pwd=a_secret_password 
  • VLC Stream Viewer Configuration
Start VLC and click on Open Media. Click on the Network tab and enter the URL of your Stream.

Please enter a network URL: rtmp://<instance_ip>/live/your_stream_key

Flutter #

Note for MUX Server #

- RTMP Url (for publisher): rtmp://live.mux.com/app/${streamkey}
- Stream Url (for client): https://stream.mux.com/${playbackId}.m3u8
- Poster Url (for preview): https://image.mux.com/${playbackId}/thumbnail.jpg
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Controlling the camera on Android and iOS plus rtmp live streaming support. Based off the Camera plugin.

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