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A powerful plugin for Ricoh Theta using the latest official SDK.

pub dev ricoh_theta

🚀  Overview #

Use your Ricoh Theta device in your Flutter app very easily.

  • 📱 Support both iOS and Android
  • đŸŽĨ Direct live preview
  • 🎚 Adjust FPS for preview in realtime
  • 📸 Take a picture & show thumbnail
  • 🔋 Get device battery level
  • ℹī¸ Fetch device information
  • 📁 Retrieve device files from storage
  • 🌆 View photo in high resolution

📖  Installation #

Install the package #

flutter pub add ricoh_theta

Import the package #

import 'package:ricoh_theta/ricoh_theta.dart';

🚀  Get started #

  • Create an instance of the plugin
final _ricohThetaPlugin = RicohTheta();
  • Init the connection to the camera by setting IP address of the device
await _ricohThetaPlugin.setTargetIp("");

Don't forget to connect your phone device to the WiFi camera before any calls to the plugin.

🗃  Available calls #

Param Type Description Required
setTargetIp Future set IP address to the camera & init connection (required before any calls) ✅
disconnect Future disconnect from the device
startLiveView Future start capture of live view
removeImageWithFileId Future<bool?> remove an image from storage device
getImage Future<File?> get an image in high resolution from storage device
pauseLiveView Future pause capture of live view
stopLiveView Future stop capture of live view
resumeLiveView Future resume capture of live view
batteryLevel Future<num> get battery level in percent from device
getDeviceInfo Future<DeviceInfo?> return the current device information like model, firmware & serial number
getStorageInfo Future<StorageInfo?> return information about the device storage
update Future update device session, can be used to keep a session alive
getImageInfoes Future<List<ImageInfoes>> return information about images stored on the device
takePicture Future<String?> take a picture & return a thumbnail path
listenCameraImages Stream<Uint8List>? listen for live preview images coming from the device
listenDownloadProgress Stream<num>? listen for download progress of images
adjustLiveViewFps Future adjust fraps per seconds for image preview

adjustLiveViewFps method is used to not surcharge the device, you can set 0 to skip this feature.

đŸ“Ŗ  Known projects using this package #

Spherik #

Spherik is a mobile application allowing to gather 360 and standard media, and build awesome virtual tours on the related web application.

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đŸ“Ŗ  Sponsor #

Initiated and sponsored by vrtice with the help of the awesome team

logo vrtice

logo apparence

đŸ‘Ĩ  Contribution #

Contributions are welcome. Contribute by creating a PR or create an issue 🎉.

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A powerful plugin for Ricoh Theta using the latest official SDK.

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