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Enrich your debugging, console programs or analysis feedbacks - Print colors and styles in your console.

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A natural way of printing text styles and colors in flutter/dart.

This packages contains a set of configurations that make it easy to differentiate console outputs and print all sort of colors. It's multi-IDE compatible as it is based on the basic ANSI escape codes. Note that there might be parameters and features that your IDE doesn't support. You will notice this simply that no effect is applied to you text.

Features #

Usage #

import 'package:rich_console/rich_console.dart';

void main(){
  // * Reusable styles
  final yourReusableStyle = RichStyle(italic: true, foreground: Colors.pinkAccent);
  printRich("Your Text", style: yourReusableStyle);
  printRich("Another Text", style: yourReusableStyle.copyWith(framed: true));
  // * Simple prints
  printRich("Background", background:;
  printRich("Foreground", foreground:;
  printRich("Italic", italic: true);
  printRich("Bold", bold: true);
  printRich("Underline", underline: true);
      foreground:, background:, invert: true);
  printRich("Strike", strike: true);
  printRich("DoubleUnderline", doubleUnderline: true);
  printRich("Framed", framed: true);
  printRich("Encircled", encircled: true);

Additional Information #

Functions #

  • printRich()

  • printError()

  • printWarning()

Settable Parameters #

  • Foreground
  • Background
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Underline
  • SlowBlink
  • RapidBlink
  • Invert
  • Conceal
  • Strike
  • Gothic
  • DoubleUnderline
  • Framed
  • Encircled
  • Overlined
  • UnderlineColor

Contributions #

Please feel welcome add anything that is missing. Simply create a pull request. Especially, ff you are familiar with obtaining text input from the console please make sure to add such features to this package.

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Enrich your debugging, console programs or analysis feedbacks - Print colors and styles in your console.

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