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A trie data structure Dart implementation — useful for autocomplete.


A trie data structure Dart implementation — useful for autocomplete.

Features #

  • 🔍 Tries are useful for type-ahead, autocomplete and other search problems
  • ⚡ Has a simple API for storing text
  • 🚀 Has an API to map strings to objects to handle a variety of problems
  • 🎯 This library is built in modern Dart code, with sound null-safety
  • 💙 Written in pure Dart, this library is usable in all Flutter platforms

Usage #

Trie #


import 'package:retrieval/trie.dart';

void main() {
  final trie = Trie();

  // Insert a word into trie with trie.insert().

  // Check for existence of words.
  print(trie.has('crikey')); // true
  print(trie.has('ghost')); // false

  // Find matching words by prefix.
  print(trie.find('cr')); // ['crocodile', 'crikey']
  print(trie.find('crikey')); // ['crikey']
  print(trie.find('ghost')); // []

API Reference

Import the Trie class via:

import 'package:retrieval/trie.dart';

Create a new Trie with:

final trie = Trie();

Add a word to the trie with the insert method:


Check if a word is in the trie with the has method:


Find all words with a given prefix with the find method:


All words that start with 'cr' will be returned in a list of strings.

Key-Value Trie #

While the Trie class covers the majority of use-cases, the KeyValueTrie class allows you to map strings to objects. When retrieving from the KeyValueTrie, you search for string prefixes and get back the associated values.


import 'package:retrieval/key_value_trie.dart';

void main() {
  // Use a key-value trie to associate each word with a value.
  final keyValueTrie = KeyValueTrie<String>(); // Values of type String.

  keyValueTrie.insert('trophy', '🏆');
  keyValueTrie.insert('train', '🚆');

  // When finding matching words by prefix, the associated value is returned.
  print(keyValueTrie.find('tr')); // ['🚆', '🏆']
  print(keyValueTrie.find('trophy')); // ['🏆']
  print(keyValueTrie.find('trie')); // []

API Reference

Import the KeyValueTrie class via:

import 'package:retrieval/key_value_trie.dart';

Create a new KeyValueTrie, declaring the type of values stored within <>, with:

final keyValueTrie = KeyValueTrie<String>();

Add a word and its associated value to the keyValueTrie with the insert method:

keyValueTrie.insert('trophy', '🏆');

Check if a word is in the keyValueTrie with the has method:


Find all values associated with a word's given prefix with the find method:


What is a trie? #

Trie with words of DART, DASH, DASHI,DARE and APP.


A trie is a search tree data structure. In this implementation, each character is a node in the trie, for example, after inserting the word DART, nodes of D, A, R and T are created.

In the trie, words with the same prefix are in the same subtree. For example, since DART and DASH both have a prefix of DA, they can be found by searching from the A node (that's below the D node). This property makes finding words in a trie, by prefix, easy!

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A trie data structure Dart implementation — useful for autocomplete.

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