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Reorderable Grid View

ReorderableGridView #

Copy from official ReorderableListView

Usage: #

  reorderable_grid_view: ^2.2.6

Example #

class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> {
  final data = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    Widget buildItem(String text) {
      return Card(
        key: ValueKey(text),
        child: Text(text),

    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text(widget.title),

      body: Center(
        // use ReorderableGridView.count() when version >= 2.0.0
        // else use ReorderableGridView()
        child: ReorderableGridView.count(
          crossAxisSpacing: 10,
          mainAxisSpacing: 10,
          crossAxisCount: 3,
          children: => buildItem("$e")).toList(),
          onReorder: (oldIndex, newIndex) {
            setState(() {
              final element = data.removeAt(oldIndex);
              data.insert(newIndex, element);
          footer: [
              child: Center(
                child: Icon(Icons.add),

Options #

option desc
dragWidgetBuilderV2 the drag widget builder
restrictDragScope restrict drag scope to ReorderableGridView, not drag over the scree, default is false
dragStartDelay the longPress time
scrollSpeedController control how speed when scroll down when drag out of viewport

dragWidgetBuilderV2 #

Normaly you can do like this:

dragWidgetBuilderV2: DragWidgetBuilderV2(
	isScreenshotDragWidget: false,
	builder: (index, child, screenshot) {
		return child;
  • child is you dragging widget.

And if you dragging widget has some state, the callback's child can't access the state. So you can do a screenshot like this.

dragWidgetBuilderV2: DragWidgetBuilderV2(
	isScreenshotDragWidget: true,
	builder: (index, child, screenshot) {
		return Image(screenshot);

Constructors #

  • ReorderableGridView.builder
  • ReorderableGridView.count
  • ReorderableSliverGridView.count

custom reorderable #

You can use ReorderableWrapperWidget to custom your reorderable. Use ReorderableWrapperWidget as root. and it's descendants is ReorderableItemView[] list

  • ReorderableWrapperWidget(child: SomeCollection(children: ReorderableItemView))

Important #

  • the placeholderBuilder is not right when the list is very long, is not fixable for now. please see issue 47
  • can drag out of scope in ReorderableSliverGridView, please see issue 52


fix placeholderBuilder is not right when the list is very long #

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