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Package that contains complete list solution and admin dashboard

Ready #


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- Ready is very simple package to allow you create your admin panel with flutter
- Not just an admin panel it also contains avery helpful widgets that you can use with your mobile app
- Admin panel itself can be used in mobile apps as its responsive

Can i see it #

Where to get it #

  • If you are seeing this in pub site so you are in the right place
  • if not you can get it Here

How to use it #

[ ] First if you support multi language you have to add ready delegate in your material app

    return MaterialApp(
      localizationsDelegates: [

[ ] We currently support arabic and english

Features #

Here will explain each feature Click on the feature name to see how to use it

[x] ReadyDashboard

  • Admin panel layout in easy way
  • [responsive] it can work in any device except watch of course😄😄
  • ability to group drawer items
  • ability to add action buttons
  • ability to override action buttons for some pages
  • ability to add search input field in the top app bar

[x] ReadyList

  • Pull to refresh
  • Infinite scroll
  • headers and footers
  • easy to work with flutter_bloc but you can use any state management solution
  • can be grid or list or your own builder
  • contains ready grid delegates to make it simple

[x] ResponsiveDataTable

  • Responsive widget that show DataTable in large devices and list or grid in smaller one
  • 6 layouts
  • can be configured to use list or DataTable
  • can has selection in lists and DataTables
  • can add filters , actions or actions for each row
  • work with the same controller [ReadyList]

[x] Animated

  • Fancy animations
  • able to merge between (flip , scale , fade, translate)
  • scoped animated runs animations one after one
  • non scoped run all animations in parallel
  • ReadyList contains a scope so you don't need to add it

[x] Shimmer

  • Show shimmer effect on a widget
  • drawing the shimmer on the whole scope the shimmer is in so the full page may has one scope and will paint the shimmer gradient on all [Shimmer] children in its tree -like this


  • see how the effect works its not related to card

Packages #

There is related packages that related to ready and you can use it

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How to contribute #

  • To make package smaller and cleaner as possible we will not add a lot of features to it
  • instead we will add the new features in separate packages and list it in the packages section
  • in this way if any one need the new feature he can add its package to his project
  • any package must has a good docs before it listed in packages list
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Package that contains complete list solution and admin dashboard

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BSD-3-Clause (LICENSE)


bloc, equatable, flutter, flutter_staggered_grid_view, intl


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