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r_upgrade: ^0.3.2

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A plugin for upgrade and install application ,Support Android and IOS.

r_upgrade #

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中文点此 #

Android and IOS upgrade plugin.

  • [✔] Jump link mode upgrade
  • [✔] Jump to store mode upgrade
  • [✔] Android Download APK using download link
    • [✔] Monitor download information
    • [✔] cancel/pause/continue download
    • [✔] Get download status according to ID
    • [✔] Install app according to ID
    • [✔] Get the last download ID (based on the version name and version number)
    • [✔] Modify the information displayed in the notification bar
  • [✔] Android hot upgrade
  • [✔] Android increment upgrade
  • [✔] IOS Jump to Appstore upgrade according to appid
  • [✔] IOS Get the current online version of Appstore according to appid

Getting Started #

1. Use Plugin: #

add this code in pubspec.yaml

  r_upgrade: last version

2. Upgrade from your website ( Android or IOS ) #

    void upgradeFromUrl()async{
        bool isSuccess =await RUpgrade.upgradeFromUrl(

Android Platform #

1. App upgrade from store. #

    void upgradeFromAndroidStore(){
       bool isSuccess = await RUpgrade.upgradeFromAndroidStore(AndroidStore.GOOGLE_PLAY);
       print('${isSuccess?'jump success':'jump error'}');

make sure your application had this permission and request dynamic permission.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

1. Add Upgrade Download Listener

RUpgrade.stream.listen((DownloadInfo info){


(int) iddownload id
(int) max_lengthdownload max bytes length (bytes)
(int) current_lengthdownload current bytes length (bytes)
(double) percentdownload percent 0-100
(double) planTimedownload plan time /s (X.toStringAsFixed(0))
(String) pathdownload file path
(double) speeddownload speed kb/s
(DownloadStatus) statusdownload status

2. Upgrade your application

This upgrade have two part. useDownloadManager:

  • true: Use system DownloadManagerto download
    • advantage:Simple, use system.
    • Inferiority:can not use http download , can not click the notification pause downloading, can not pause and continue download by network status etc...
    • support: RUpgrade.streaminstallcancel
  • false: Use Service download(default use)
    • advantage:Power, support http/https download, support auto pause and continue download by network status etc..
    • Inferiority:No bugs found yet. If you find a bug, you are welcome to issue
    • support: RUpgrade.streaminstallcancel
    // [isAutoRequestInstall] downloaded finish will auto request install apk.
    // [apkName] apk name (such as `release.apk`)
    // [notificationVisibility] notification visibility.
    // [notificationStyle] download notification show style about content text, only support [useDownloadManager]==false.
    // [useDownloadManager] if true will use DownloadManager,false will use my service ,
    //         if true will no use [pause] , [upgradeWithId] , [getDownloadStatus] , [getLastUpgradedId] methods.
    // [upgradeFlavor] you can use [RUpgradeFlavor.normal] , [RUpgradeFlavor.hotUpgrade] , [RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade] flavor
    void upgrade() async {
      int id = await RUpgrade.upgrade(
                 apkName: 'app-release.apk',isAutoRequestInstall: true);

New upgraded flavor:(no support use DownloadManager)

enum RUpgradeFlavor {
  normal, // full upgrade
  hotUpgrade, // hot upgrade
  incrementUpgrade, // increment upgrade

3. Cancel Download

    void cancel() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.cancel(id);

4. Install Apk

    void install() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.install(id);

5. Pause Download

    void pause() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.pause(id);

6. Continue Download

    void pause() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.upgradeWithId(id);
      /// return true.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_PAUSED] or [STATUS_FAILED] or [STATUS_CANCEL], will restart running.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_RUNNING] or [STATUS_PENDING], nothing happened.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_SUCCESSFUL] , will install apk.
      /// return false.
      /// * if not found the id , will return [false].

7. Get the last upgrade id

    void getLastUpgradeId() async {
     int id = await RUpgrade.getLastUpgradedId();

8. Get the download status from id

    void getDownloadStatus()async{
    DownloadStatus status = await RUpgrade.getDownloadStatus(id);

9. Increment Upgrade

  • 1.Download bsdiff to local.
  • 2.Prepare two installation packages, one is the one to be upgraded( old.apk ), an installation package that you need to update( new.apk )
  • 3.Switch to the 'bsdiff' directory downloaded above on the command line, and run the command./bsdiff old.apk new.apk increment.patch
  • 4.Put theincrement.patchUpload to server
  • 5.use RUpgrade.upgrade(...,upgradeFlavor:RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade)download file
  • 6.use RUpgrade.install(id) install apk.

The code is as follows:

    int id;
    void incrementUpgrade(){
        id = await RUpgrade.upgrade(
                fileName: 'r_upgrade.patch',
                useDownloadManager: false,
                isAutoRequestInstall: false,
                upgradeFlavor: RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade,

    void install(){
        try {
            await RUpgrade.install(id);
        } catch (e) {
                .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('failure!')));

10. Hot Upgrade

  • you can use this id to hot upgrade,but download file is zip. include three file [isolate_snapshot_data]、[kernel_blob.bin]、[vm_snapshot_data].Your can use flutter build bundle generate.
 flutter build bundle
  • generate file path form ./build/flutter_assets and packaged into zip.
|- AssetManifest.json
|- FontManifest.json
|- fonts
    |- ...
|- isolate_snapshot_data *
|- kernel-blob.bin       *
|- packages
    |- ...
|- vm_snapshot_data      *
  • use RUpgrade.upgrade(...,upgradeFlavor:RUpgradeFlavor.hotUpgrade)download file.
  • download complete you can use download id to hot upgrade
           bool isSuccess = await RUpgrade.hotUpgrade(id);
           if (isSuccess) {
                    .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('Hot update succeeded, exit the application after 3S, please enter again')));
                Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 3)).then((_){
                  SystemNavigator.pop(animated: true);
                    .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('Hot update failed, please wait for update package download to complete')));

At present, the hot update is still in the testing stage, only supporting the change of the flutter code, not supporting the resource file, etc. the author of the plug-in is not responsible for all the consequences caused by the hot update, and the user is responsible for it.

Android Platform Notification Bar #

If you want to customize the content displayed in the download notification bar, you can do so, modify or add files project/android/app/main/res/values/r_upgrade_value.xml,add the following code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_speech">%.0f kb/s</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_planTime">%.0fs left</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_finish">Download finished</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_paused">Download paused</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_failed">Download failed</string>

And then.When you use upgrade method,you should set the notificationStyle param.

/// Notification show style about content text
enum NotificationStyle {
  speechAndPlanTime, // 100kb/s 1s left
  planTimeAndSpeech, // 1s left 100kb/s
  speech,// 100kb/s
  planTime, // 1s left
  none, //

IOS Platform #

1.Go to the AppStore Upgrade #

    void upgradeFromAppStore() async {
        bool isSuccess =await RUpgrade.upgradeFromAppStore(
                 'your AppId',//such as:WeChat AppId:414478124

2.Get the last version form AppStore #

    void getVersionFromAppStore() async {
        String versionName = await RUpgrade.getVersionFromAppStore(
                'your AppId',//such as:WeChat AppId:414478124
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A plugin for upgrade and install application ,Support Android and IOS.

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