pub package


Android and IOS upgrade plugin.

  • Jump link mode upgrade
  • Jump to store mode upgrade
  • Android Download APK using download link
    • Monitor download information
    • cancel/pause/continue download
    • Get download status according to ID
    • Install app according to ID
    • Get the last download ID (based on the version name and version number)
    • Modify the information displayed in the notification bar
  • Android hot upgrade
  • Android increment upgrade
  • IOS Jump to Appstore upgrade according to appid
  • IOS Get the current online version of Appstore according to appid

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Getting Started

1. Use Plugin:

add this code in pubspec.yaml

  r_upgrade: last version

2. Upgrade from your website ( Android or IOS )

    void upgradeFromUrl()async{
        bool isSuccess =await RUpgrade.upgradeFromUrl(

Android Platform

1. App upgrade from store.

    void upgradeFromAndroidStore(){
       bool isSuccess = await RUpgrade.upgradeFromAndroidStore(AndroidStore.GOOGLE_PLAY);
       print('${isSuccess?'jump success':'jump error'}');

make sure your application had this permission and request dynamic permission.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

1. Add Upgrade Download Listener

RUpgrade.stream.listen((DownloadInfo info){


(int) iddownload id
(int) max_lengthdownload max bytes length (bytes)
(int) current_lengthdownload current bytes length (bytes)
(double) percentdownload percent 0-100
(double) planTimedownload plan time /s (X.toStringAsFixed(0))
(String) pathdownload file path
(double) speeddownload speed kb/s
(DownloadStatus) statusdownload status

2. Upgrade your application

This upgrade have two part. useDownloadManager:

  • true: Use system DownloadManagerto download
    • advantage:Simple, use system.
    • Inferiority:can not use http download , can not click the notification pause downloading, can not pause and continue download by network status etc...
    • support: RUpgrade.streaminstallcancel
  • false: Use Service download(default use)
    • advantage:Power, support http/https download, support auto pause and continue download by network status etc..
    • Inferiority:No bugs found yet. If you find a bug, you are welcome to issue
    • support: RUpgrade.streaminstallcancel
    // [isAutoRequestInstall] downloaded finish will auto request install apk.
    // [apkName] apk name (such as `release.apk`)
    // [notificationVisibility] notification visibility.
    // [notificationStyle] download notification show style about content text, only support [useDownloadManager]==false.
    // [useDownloadManager] if true will use DownloadManager,false will use my service ,
    //         if true will no use [pause] , [upgradeWithId] , [getDownloadStatus] , [getLastUpgradedId] methods.
    // [upgradeFlavor] you can use [RUpgradeFlavor.normal] , [RUpgradeFlavor.hotUpgrade] , [RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade] flavor
    void upgrade() async {
      int id = await RUpgrade.upgrade(
                 apkName: 'app-release.apk',isAutoRequestInstall: true);

New upgraded flavor:(no support use DownloadManager)

enum RUpgradeFlavor {
  normal, // full upgrade
  hotUpgrade, // hot upgrade
  incrementUpgrade, // increment upgrade

3. Cancel Download

    void cancel() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.cancel(id);

4. Install Apk

    void install() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.install(id);

5. Pause Download

    void pause() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.pause(id);

6. Continue Download

    void pause() async {
      bool isSuccess=await RUpgrade.upgradeWithId(id);
      /// return true.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_PAUSED] or [STATUS_FAILED] or [STATUS_CANCEL], will restart running.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_RUNNING] or [STATUS_PENDING], nothing happened.
      /// * if download status is [STATUS_SUCCESSFUL] , will install apk.
      /// return false.
      /// * if not found the id , will return [false].

7. Get the last upgrade id

    void getLastUpgradeId() async {
     int id = await RUpgrade.getLastUpgradedId();

8. Get the download status from id

    void getDownloadStatus()async{
    DownloadStatus status = await RUpgrade.getDownloadStatus(id);

9. Increment Upgrade

  • 1.Download bsdiff to local.
  • 2.Prepare two installation packages, one is the one to be upgraded( old.apk ), an installation package that you need to update( new.apk )
  • 3.Switch to the 'bsdiff' directory downloaded above on the command line, and run the command./bsdiff old.apk new.apk increment.patch
  • 4.Put theincrement.patchUpload to server
  • 5.use RUpgrade.upgrade(...,upgradeFlavor:RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade)download file
  • 6.use RUpgrade.install(id) install apk.

The code is as follows:

    int id;
    void incrementUpgrade(){
        id = await RUpgrade.upgrade(
                fileName: 'r_upgrade.patch',
                useDownloadManager: false,
                isAutoRequestInstall: false,
                upgradeFlavor: RUpgradeFlavor.incrementUpgrade,

    void install(){
        try {
            await RUpgrade.install(id);
        } catch (e) {
                .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('failure!')));

10. Hot Upgrade

  • you can use this id to hot upgrade,but download file is zip. include three file isolate_snapshot_datakernel_blob.binvm_snapshot_data.Your can use flutter build bundle generate.
 flutter build bundle
  • generate file path form ./build/flutter_assets and packaged into zip.
|- AssetManifest.json
|- FontManifest.json
|- fonts
    |- ...
|- isolate_snapshot_data *
|- kernel-blob.bin       *
|- packages
    |- ...
|- vm_snapshot_data      *
  • use RUpgrade.upgrade(...,upgradeFlavor:RUpgradeFlavor.hotUpgrade)download file.
  • download complete you can use download id to hot upgrade
           bool isSuccess = await RUpgrade.hotUpgrade(id);
           if (isSuccess) {
                    .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('Hot update succeeded, exit the application after 3S, please enter again')));
                Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 3)).then((_){
                  SystemNavigator.pop(animated: true);
                    .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('Hot update failed, please wait for update package download to complete')));

At present, the hot update is still in the testing stage, only supporting the change of the flutter code, not supporting the resource file, etc. the author of the plug-in is not responsible for all the consequences caused by the hot update, and the user is responsible for it.

Android Platform Notification Bar

If you want to customize the content displayed in the download notification bar, you can do so, modify or add files project/android/app/main/res/values/r_upgrade_value.xml,add the following code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_speech">%.0f kb/s</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_planTime">%.0fs left</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_finish">Download finished</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_paused">Download paused</string>
    <string name="r_upgrade_download_failed">Download failed</string>

And then.When you use upgrade method,you should set the notificationStyle param.

/// Notification show style about content text
enum NotificationStyle {
  speechAndPlanTime, // 100kb/s 1s left
  planTimeAndSpeech, // 1s left 100kb/s
  speech,// 100kb/s
  planTime, // 1s left
  none, //

IOS Platform

1.Go to the AppStore Upgrade

    void upgradeFromAppStore() async {
        bool isSuccess =await RUpgrade.upgradeFromAppStore(
                 'your AppId',//such as:WeChat AppId:414478124

2.Get the last version form AppStore

    void getVersionFromAppStore() async {
        String versionName = await RUpgrade.getVersionFromAppStore(
                'your AppId',//such as:WeChat AppId:414478124