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A Flutter library for use in the development of Swiss payment QR bills and payment slips.

Swiss QR Bill Library #

The QR Bill library is a Flutter library for use in the development of Swiss payment QR bills and payment slips.

Sample QR Bill payment slip

Features #

The library is composed of three classes:

  • QRBill. The purpose of this class is as a data class, similar to a POJO, for the storing and transport of QR-bill data. Additionally, this class can validate that the data contained conforms to the Swiss Payment Standards (currently version 2.2).
  • QRGenerator. This class allows the generation of the actual QR image used by a QR-bill, without the payment slip. Input is in the form of a QRBill, while output may be a Widget or PNG binary data.
  • BillGenerator. This class will produce the full formatted QR-bill payment slip, outputted as PNG binary data for a single QR-bill or a PDF document containing one or more QR-bills (one per page). Input is in the form of a QRBill for single images and a QRBill list for PDF documents. Supported languages are English, German, French and Italian.

Usage #

Typically the QRBill class must always be imported as it is used as an input with the other two classes - either QRGenerator (for QR code generation) or BillGenerator (for payment slip / invoice generation).

A QR-bill Widget can be generated as follows:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:qr_bill/qr_bill.dart';
import 'package:qr_bill/qr_generator.dart';

Future<Widget> getQRBillWidget(String rawQrCode, double size) async {
    QRBill qrBill = QRBill(data: rawQrCode);
    Widget? qrWidget;
    if (qrBill.isValid()) {
      QRGenerator qr = QRGenerator(qrBill);
      qrWidget = await qr.getWidget(size: size);

    if (qrWidget == null) {
      return SizedBox(
        width: size,
        height: size,
        child: const Center(child: Text("QR data incorrectly formatted!")),
    } else {
      return qrWidget;

To output a PDF document containing multiple QR payment slips:

import 'package:qr_bill/qr_bill.dart';
import 'package:qr_bill/bill_generator.dart';

Future<File?> getInvoicesBinary(
      List<QRBill> qrBills, File fileToWrite) async {
  BillGenerator bills = BillGenerator(language: BillGenerator.german);
  Uint8List? bill = await bills.generateInvoices(qrBills);
  return bill == null ? null : await fileToWrite.writeAsBytes(bill);

Quick API Reference #

QRBill #

  • QRBill QRBill({String data = ""}) Basic constructor.
  • QRBill QRBill.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) Deserializes the QRBill object from a JSON format.
  • Map<String, dynamic> toJson() Serializes the QRBill object to a JSON format.
  • String toString() Returns the QRBill object as a raw String used for the QR code.
  • bool isValid() Returns if the QRBill strictly follows the specification.
  • List<QRBillException> qrExceptions Returns a list of errors if the QRBill does not strictly follow the specification and an empty list if it does.
  • Numerous getters and setters for the various Swiss QR bill attributes are also included.

QRGenerator #

  • QRGenerator QRGenerator(QRBill data) Basic constructor.
  • Future<Widget?> getWidget({required double size, double margin = 0.05}) Outputs a single QR code (via the constructor) as a Flutter widget.
  • Future<ByteData?> getBinary({required double size, double margin = 0.05}) Outputs the binary data of a single QR code (via the constructor), in a PNG format.
  • void drawCanvas(Canvas c, {double margin = 0.0, required double size, Offset offset = const Offset(0.0, 0.0)}) Draws a single QR code (via the constructor), to a paint canvas. Principally used by BillGenerator.

BillGenerator #

  • BillGenerator BillGenerator({BillGenerator language = BillGenerator.english}) Basic constructor. Also sets the language to be employed.
  • Future<Uint8List?> getBinary(QRBill qrBill) Outputs the binary data of a single Swiss QR bill payment slip, in a PNG format.
  • Future<Widget?> getWidget(QRBill qrBill) Generates and returns a Widget version of the Swiss QR bill payment slip for the supplied QRBill object.
  • Future<List<Widget?>> getWidgets(List<QRBill> qrBills) Generates and returns a list of Widgets for the Swiss QR bill payment slips for inputted QRBill objec list.
  • Future<Uint8List?> generateInvoices(List<QRBill> qrBills) Outputs the binary data of supplied QRBills as Swiss QR bill payment slips, in a PDF format, one per page.
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A Flutter library for use in the development of Swiss payment QR bills and payment slips.

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