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Common Lints package.

Dart lint rules #

The Dart linter is a static analyzer for identifying possible problems in your Dart source code. More than a hundred linter rules are available, checking anything from potential typing issues, coding style, and formatting. This package - package:pro_lints - contains the lint settings recommended by me :).

Enabling the lints #

For existing apps or packages, you can enable these lints via:

  1. In a terminal, located at the root of your package, run this command:

    dart pub add --dev pro_lints
  2. Create a new analysis_options.yaml file, next to the pubspec, that includes the lints package:

    include: package:pro_lints/common.yaml

Customizing the predefined lint sets #

For details on customizing static analysis above and beyond the predefined lint sets, see customizing static analysis.