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A new flutter plugin project.

Paymentgateway Flutter #

Flutter plugin for Paymentgateway SDK.

pub package

Getting Started #

This flutter plugin is a wrapper around our Android and iOS SDKs.

The following documentation is only focused on the wrapper around our native Android and iOS SDKs.

Prerequisites #

Development Tools:

  • Xcode 12 and above
  • Android Studio 4.1 and above
  • Flutter 2.2.3 & Dart 2.12.0 and above

Installation #

This plugin is available on Pub:

Add this to dependencies in your app's pubspec.yaml

payment_gateway_flutter: ^1.0.0

Note for Android: Make sure that the minimum API level for your app is 19 or higher.

Note for iOS: Make sure that the minimum deployment target for your app is iOS 10.0 or higher. Also, This is not support SIMULATOR you can run onlly in real iPhone devices.

Run flutter packages get in the root directory of your app.

Usage #

Sample code to integrate can be found in example/lib/main.dart.

Import package

import 'package:payment_gateway_flutter/payment_gateway_flutter.dart';

Create Paymentgateway instance
          '<PAYMENT_URL>', request)

Passing Payment params and URL

// For payment parammeters to refer 

var params = {
'api_key': '<API_KEY>',
'hash': '<HASH_KEY>',
'order_id': 'TEST4000',
'mode': 'LIVE',
'description': 'Test',
'currency': 'INR',
'amount': '2',
'name': 'Senthil',
'email': '',
'phone': '9597403366',
'city': 'Chennai',
'state': 'Tamilnadu',
'country': 'IND',
'zip_code': '630501',
'address_line_1': 'ad1',
'address_line_2': 'ad2',
'return_url': 'http://localhost:8888/paymentresponse'};
          '<PAYMENT_URL>', params)

Accessing response

response = await
          '<PAYMENT_API_URL>', request);
      // Response Handling
      //Please refre this url for reponse code
      var r=jsonDecode(response);

List of Request Parameters

Request parameters are the parameters that will be send to our server API for payment initiation. Client should store the order id and the amount before payment initiation and compare it with the order id and amount in the response Json from our server post payment process to ensure no end user tampering on the requested parameters.

Please use this link for all params reference link

List of Response Codes


Below are the response codes that comes in the payment response post payment from our server, that must be handled by the client.

Please use this link for reference link

HASH Calculation

Please use this link for reference link

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A new flutter plugin project.

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