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A flutter package to draw path with animation on the canvas

Path Animator #

A flutter package to draw path with animation on canvas.

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Features #

✅ Animated Path Drawing

Demo #

Getting started #

Include plugin to your project

  path_animator: <latest version>

Run pub get and get packages.

Build Animated Path #

The build function creates animated path and returns it.

final animatedPath =
    path: path,
    animationPercent: controller.value,

The returned animated path is then used to draw the path on the canvas.

canvas.drawPath(animatedPath, paint);

Example #

Go to example section in to see the full example code.

In GitHub, head over to example/lib/main.dart to see the full example code.

Project Created & Maintained By #

Divyanshu Shekhar #

GitHub followers

Contributions #

Contributions are welcomed!

If you feel that a hook is missing, feel free to open a pull-request.

For a custom-hook to be merged, you will need to do the following:

  • Describe the use-case.

  • Open an issue explaining why we need this hook, how to use it, ... This is important as a hook will not get merged if the hook doens't appeal to a large number of people.

  • If your hook is rejected, don't worry! A rejection doesn't mean that it won't be merged later in the future if more people shows an interest in it. In the mean-time, feel free to publish your hook as a package on

  • A hook will not be merged unles fully tested, to avoid breaking it inadvertendly in the future.

Stargazers #

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Forkers #

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Code and documentation Copyright (c) 2021 DevsOnFlutter. Code released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

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A flutter package to draw path with animation on the canvas

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