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Parrot is a modular Dart framework for building efficient, reliable, and scalable applications.

🦜 Parrotpub package #

Parrot is a Dart framework for building applications.

  • Declarative: Parrot makes it easy to create instance dependencies. Design simple providers for each instance in your application, and when your instance needs to depend on another instance, Parrot will effectively provide the reference. declarative instances make your code more predictable and easier to debug.
  • Modular: Modular design makes it easy to manage your application. Parrot provides a simple and effective modular architecture, you can easily combine instances into a functional module, which can be easily used in other modules.
  • Flexible: Parrot is a framework that can be used in any Dart project. You can use Parrot to build a simple command-line application, or you can use it to build a complex web application. Parrot is flexible and can be used in any Dart project.

👉 Learn how to use Parrot in your project

Installation #

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  parrot: latest

Documentation #

You can find the Parrot documentation on the website.

If you find any errors in the documentation, please create an issue or sending a pull request to help us improve it.

Examples #

We have several examples on the website. Hre is one of the most popular examples to get you started:

import 'package:parrot/parrot.dart';

name(ref) => 'Parrot';
hello(ref) => 'Hello ${ref(name)}';

final root = Module(
  providers: { name, hello },

void main() async {
  final app = Parrot(root);
  print(await app.resolve(hello));

This example will print Hello Parrot into the console.

You're thinking, Isn't this complicating something simple?, yes, it does in this hello example.

But when you have a complex application, you will find that Parrot is very useful.

Contributing #

We welcome contributions to Parrot. Please read our contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bugfixes and improvements, and how to build and test your changes to Parrot.

Code of Conduct #

Parrot has adopted a Code of Conduct that we expect project participants to adhere to. Please read the full text so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.

Community #

You can find Parrot community and join us on the website, or follow our Twitter account @odroeinc to see our events.

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Parrot is a modular Dart framework for building efficient, reliable, and scalable applications.

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