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Platform independent OS detection.

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Platform independent access to information about the current operating system.

Querying the current OS #

Exposes operatingSystem and operatingSystemVersion strings similar to those of the Platform class in dart:io, but also works on the web. The operatingSystem of a browser is the string "browser". Also exposes convenience getters like isLinux, isAndroid and isBrowser based on the operatingSystem string.

To use this package instead of dart:io, replace the import of dart:io with:

import "package:os_detect/os_detect.dart" as Platform;

That should keep the code working if the only functionality used from dart:io is operating system detection. You should then use your IDE to rename the import prefix from Platform to something lower-cased which follows the style guide for import prefixes.

Any new platform which supports neither dart:io nor dart:html can make itself recognizable by configuring the dart.os.name and dart.os.version environment settings, so that const String.fromEnvironment can access them.

Overriding the current OS string #

It's possible to override the current operating system string, as exposed by operatingSystem and operatingSystemVersion in package:os_detect/os_detect.dart. To do so, import the package:os_detect/override.dart library and use the overrideOperatingSystem function to run code in a zone where the operating system and version values are set to whatever values are desired.

The class OperatingSystemID can also be used directly to abstract over the operating system name and version. The OperatingSystemID.current defaults to the values provided by the platform when not overridden using overrideOperatingSystem.

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Platform independent OS detection.

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