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Flexible to control Onboarding overlay with or without target element (fork from onboard_overlay)

[3.2.1] #

  • add: 'hide' method guard (Thanks to hpstuff) with #54
  • add: method to check Overlay visibility from OverlayState (Thanks to shaikhaman2000) with #39
  • add: 'stepPainterBuilder' so that the user can create custom look different than the default LabelPainter (Thanks to hpstuff) with #52
  • fix: deprecations maintenance

[3.1.2] #

  • fix: Properly handle titleTextStyle and bodyTextStyle which where ignored, except for the color attribute. (Thanks to kristofb)

[3.1.1] #

  • fix: lint issues
  • change: update dependencies

[3.1.0] #

  • fix: issues with scaled widgets from ResponsiveFramework package #33
  • fix: stepBuilder content could not be sized with a custom size #31

[3.0.0] #

  • add: demo add default theme textStyles
  • add: onTapCallback which if set will ignore the internal next step method call
  • add: a OverlayController (ChangeNotifier) attached to the OverlayState that provides the currentIndex, currentStep and isVisible - #20
  • add: possibility to build your own step layout with stepBuilder - #21
  • add: pulse animation on the focused widget (Thanks to the author Gautier of the pal package for the inspiration)
  • add: globalOnboarding setting that force the use of rootOverlay
  • add: debugBoundaries boolean to show red border around the max size of the label box
  • add: ArrowPosition.autoVertical and ArrowPosition.autoVerticalCenter. This setting will automatically position the label box arrow, if enabled, above or below the label box, depending on its position relative to the widget of interest.
  • fix: when empty list is passed to steps the onboarding should not start and not throw #25
  • fix: when an empty list of indexes is passed to showWithSteps the onboarding should not start and not throw #25
  • fix: HitTestBehavior.translucent
  • fix: better calculation of the max size of the label box - issue #26
  • fix: positioning of the label box when the overlay is full screen and there is no focused widget.
  • fix: regression label box not centered when no focus widget and overlay is not full screen.
  • change: make label box use more space available
  • change: [Breaking Change] rename title to titleText
  • remove: [Breaking Change] ArrowPosition.centerLeft and ArrowPosition.centerRight
  • add: docs

[2.3.5] #

  • add: more docs around the titleTextStyle and bodyTextStyle
  • fix: make sure that if a color is not set in the titleTextStyle and bodyTextStyle properties they will fallback to titleTextColor or bodyTextColor accordingly

[2.3.4] #

  • fix: position of the overlay when no focus node is attached and the setting of the overlay is fullscreen: false - issue #16
  • fix: merging text styles was done incorrectly - issue #14

[2.3.3] #

  • fix: formatting

[2.3.2] #

  • change: use aut_size_text library again because a stable null-safe version was published
  • fix: remove a repeated text for debugging purposes reported in #14

[2.3.1] #

  • update demo gif
  • add: more clear docs
  • add: more documentation in the readme
  • add: expand the examples
  • add: auto size text via AutoSizeText widget in which case if turned on will ignore maxLines
  • add: hard limit maxLines for the title to be 2 lines
  • add: hard limit maxLines for the body to be 5 lines
  • add: overlayBehavior that accepts HitTestBehavior
  • add: logic to forward pointer events to the widget of interest.
  • change: text is rendered by RichText or AutoSizeText.rich not CustomPaint
  • change: vertical position of the text is handled by a Column mainAxisAlignment
  • change: not exposing constants anymore, nobody from outside needs them anyways
  • fix: docs
  • fix: docs for the arrowPosition
  • fix: imports
  • fix: multiplication of the bodyText
  • fix: issue with change orientation (thanks to IgorKhramtsov)
  • fix: landscape positions and sizes
  • fix: badge to include pre-release versions

[2.2.1] #

  • add: some small optimizations
  • add: more steps in the example app
  • add: isTop property to the LabelPainter for better positioning of the text
  • change: move some hard-coded numbers as constants
  • change: text positioning algorithm
  • change: make some props public
  • change: separate some logic
  • fix: some imports
  • fix: typos

[2.1.1] #

  • add: shield with the pub version
  • fix: assert condition in the Onboarding widget when calling .of
  • fix: update readme to demo the null-safety.
  • fix: check for null in the example instead of '!'

[2.1.0] #

  • add: handling arrows on the label box
  • add: default arrow height
  • add: exports for the LabelPainter and the ArrowPosition enum
  • add: docs
  • change: the label box styling it is now a custom painter
  • change: use flutter_lints from now on
  • change: replace Container with SizeBox where possible
  • change: the position of the Label when the overlay is not full screen
  • change: update example app to demo the label box arrows

[2.0.1+1] - add visual demo (gif). #

[2.0.1] - formatting. #

[2.0.0] - Migrate to null safety. #

  • internal restructure

[1.0.0] - Initial release. #

  • change: rename library
  • change: use Overlay instead of Navigator to show the onboarding
  • change: use the Onboarding as ancestor widget instead of method call onboard
  • change: position the label title and bodyText with Positioned widget
  • add: possibility to add rounded overlay
  • add: possibility to add title and body and be able to style them
  • add: possibility to change the overlay color
  • add: possibility to listen to onChange and onEnd callbacks
  • add: possibility to start from arbitrary initial index
  • add: possibility to show the onboarding only with a partial set of the steps
  • remove: control via stream
  • remove: unfinished callbacks on steps
  • remove: usage of Label painter

[0.0.1] - Forked from #

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Flexible to control Onboarding overlay with or without target element (fork from onboard_overlay)

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