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Nhost Dart Auth Service SDK

Nhost Functions Dart SDK #

Pub nhost_dart tests

Nhost Functions API for Dart

Getting Started #

Get your subdomain and region from nhost dashboard

import 'package:nhost_auth_dart/nhost_auth_dart.dart';

void main() async {
  // Setup
  final auth = HasuraAuthClient(url: authUrl);

  try {
    await auth.signInEmailPassword(
      email: 'user-1@nhost.io',
      password: 'password-1',
    // Print out a few details about the current user
    final currentUser = auth.currentUser;
    if (currentUser != null) {
      print('currentUser.id: ${currentUser.id}');
      print('currentUser.displayName: ${currentUser.displayName}');
      print('currentUser.email: ${currentUser.email}');
      // And logout
      await auth.signOut();
  } catch (e) {

  // Release

Latest Release #

  nhost_functions_dart: ^4.0.0