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Powerful client for nhentai.net undocumented APIs, with cookies, proxy, full data model and more.

1.0.0-dev.11 #

  • BREAKING: Migrated from universal_io to http.
  • BREAKING: API now accepts Client from package:http.
  • BREAKING: APIException renamed to ApiException.
  • BREAKING: TagsList is now TagsListExtension. This opens path for a more flexible API for tags.
  • Now if server responded with not a JSON ApiClientException is thrown.
  • API now has userAgent argument for User Agent on Dart VM targets.
  • Completely new parsing system.
  • Added simple cookies support for Dart VM targets package:nhentai/before_request_add_cookies.dart exports 2 functions:
    • beforeRequestAddCookies - accepts callback to generate list of Cookies.
    • beforeRequestAddCookiesStatic - accepts list of Cookies.

1.0.0-dev.10 #

  • BREAKING: completely new hosts system
    • Hosts class.
    • Host class.
    • ApiHost class.
    • ImageHost class.
    • ThumbnailHost class.
  • BREAKING: static method APIException.throwIfError removed.
  • Add meta dependency:
    • Most of classes marked as @immutable.
  • New library nhentai_functions:
    • Exported getImageUrl and getAvatarUrl functions.
  • Added comments support:
    • Comment class.
    • User class.
    • API#getComments method.
  • Internal project restructure.
  • Migrate to zekfad_lints.
  • Fix JSON error handler.

1.0.0-dev.9 #

  • BREAKING: rename NHentaiException to NHentaiAPIException.
  • Exposed TagsList and it's prefixed version NHentaiTagsList.

1.0.0-dev.8 #

  • Add SSL options to Hosts.

1.0.0-dev.7 #

  • Use dart:io on native platforms.

1.0.0-dev.6 #

  • Experimental web support.
  • Update readme with web usage notes.

1.0.0-dev.5 #

  • Update readme to match new API.
  • Update package description.
  • Fix Hosts#getHost preference argument was unused.

1.0.0-dev.4 #

  • BREAKING: rename doSearch to searchSinglePage and doSearchTagged to searchTaggedSinglePage
  • Update main usage example.
  • Add tags example.
  • Update docs.

1.0.0-dev.3 #

  • Update docs.

1.0.0-dev.2 #

  • Fix docs.
  • Add additional exports.

1.0.0-dev.1 #

  • Initial version.
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Powerful client for nhentai.net undocumented APIs, with cookies, proxy, full data model and more.

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