ngflutter 0.5.0

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Scaffolding tool for Flutter

Flutter CLI #

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A command line interface for Flutter. It can scaffold a skeleton Flutter project, component, and test with page object.

Installation #

To install:

pub global activate ngflutter
pub global activate webdev

To update:

pub global activate ngflutter
pub global activate webdev

Usage #

ngflutter help

For help on specific command, run ngflutter help [command name] For example:

ngflutter help generate test

will show how to use command generate test.

Generating Flutter project #

ngflutter new project_name
cd project_name
pub get
webdev serve

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to visit the project you just built. Command following will assume that you are in the root directory of the project.

Generating component #

ngflutter generate component AnotherComponent

This command will generate component under folder lib/. You can use option -p to change the folder.

Generating test #

ngflutter generate test lib/app_component.dart

Command above will generate 2 files. One is page object file and the other one is test file. Test generated is using flutter_test and test package.

Use command

pub run build_runner test --fail-on-severe -- -p chrome

to run generated test with Chrome.