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Neumorphic UI. Implementation of Neumorphism user interface consisting of sets of principles and widgets for the Flutter framework

Neumorphic Ui kit for flutter #


Getting Started #

In your flutter project add the dependency:

pub package

  neumorphic: any

Check out library documentation (latest stable).

Api #

Now implemented some widgets:

  • NeuCard
  • NeuButton
  • NeuSwitch
  • NeuText
  • NeuTextField
  • NeuBackButton
  • NeuAppBar
  • NeuApp

NeuCard #

It is container like a Material merged with Container, but implements Neumorphism

  // State of Neumorphic (may be convex, flat & emboss)
  curveType: CurveType.concave,

  // Elevation relative to parent. Main constituent of Neumorphism
  bevel: 12,

  // Specified decorations, like `BoxDecoration` but only limited
  decoration: NeumorphicDecoration(
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(8)

  // Other arguments such as margin, padding etc. (Like `Container`)
  child: Text('Container')

NeuButton #

Button automatically when pressed toggle the status of NeumorphicStatus from concave to convex and back

  onPressed: () {
    print('Pressed !');
  child: Text('Button'),

NeuSwitch #

Remade CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl which follows Neumorphism

  onValueChanged: (val) {
    setState(() {
      switchValue = val;
  groupValue: switchValue,
  children: {
    0: Padding(
      padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 24, horizontal: 8),
      child: Text('First'),
    1: Padding(
      padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 24, horizontal: 8),
      child: Text('Second'),

NeuText #

It is a Text Widget which can implement Neumorphism. parentColor, spread, depth, style, emboss are properties of this widget which can be modified to obtain different effects.

NeuText('Lorem Ipsum')

NeuTextField #

It is a Text editing widget like Material's TextField which has a few more properties like the support to use a custom selection control.

  controller: _controller,
  decoration: InputDecoration(
    border: OutlineInputBorder(),
    labelText: 'Write',

NeuBackButton #

A Neumorphic design back button.

Used by NeuAppBar.

NeuAppBar #

A Neumorphic design appBar. This app bar consists of a leading Widget & a title Widget.

App bars are typically used in the Scaffold.appBar property, which places the app bar as a fixed-height widget at the top of the screen.

  title: Text('This is title'),

NeuApp #

NeumorphicApp implements instance of WidgetsApp which utilizes NeuThemeData for adding themes to your app.

The NeuThemeData also adds ThemeData to the widget tree, so you don't have to worry about using MaterialApp again. Material widgets won't have side-effects.

You can access the current Neumorphic NeuThemeData using NeuTheme.of(context). You can also use Theme.of(context) to get ThemeData.

  theme: NeumorphicThemeData(
    brightness: Brightness.dark,
    primaryColor: Colors.blueGrey,
    curveType: curveType.concave,
    lightSource: LightSource.topLeft, // Not implemented yet
  home: Scaffold(
    appBar: NeuAppBar(
      title: const Text('NeumorphicApp Theme'),

Limitations #

  • Not all widgets currently utilize NeuThemeData. This will be changed in later updates of this package.
  • NeuTextField currently isn't much different than material's TextField.

You can make support requests or report problems here on Neumorphic's github issue page.

Inspired by #

  1. Alexander Plyuto (figma)

  2. Ivan Cherepanov (medium)

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Neumorphic UI. Implementation of Neumorphism user interface consisting of sets of principles and widgets for the Flutter framework

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