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NATS client for Dart language

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nats-dart #

NATS client to usage in Dart CLI, Web and Flutter projects

Generating documentation #

Documentation is generated using the dartdoc tool

pub global activate dhttpd
dhttpd --path doc/api

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 and voila!! 💥

Setting up a client #

Setting up a client and firing up a connection

var client = NatsClient("localhost", 4222);
await client.connect();

Note: Never use a client without waiting for the connection to establish

Listening to cluster updates #

var client = NatsClient("localhost", 4222);
await client.connect(onClusterupdate: (serverInfo) {
    // Something changed on the server.
    // May be a new server came up, 
    // Or something reeeeaallly bad happened
    // Hmmmm ...

Publishing a message #

Publishing a message can be done with or without a reply-to topic

// No reply-to topic set
client.publish("Hello world", "foo");

// If server replies to this request, send it to `bar`
client.publish("Hello world", "foo", replyTo: "bar");

Subscribing to messages #

To subscribe to a topic, specify the topic and optionally, a queue group

var messageStream = client.subscribe("sub-id", "foo");

// If more than one subscriber uses the same queue group,
// only one will receive the message
var messageStream = client.subscribe("sub-id", "foo", queueGroup: "group-1");

messageStream.listen((message) {
    // Do something awesome

Roadmap #

  • Support clustered nats servers
  • Support multiple topic subscriptions

Contributions #

  • No rules. Fork, change, PR.

FAQs #

Can I use this in dart projects? #

Not yet. The API is not yet finalised NATS protocol is not fully supported.

When will this be ready? #

Soon I guess. Feel free to pitch in and it'll be ready sooner.

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NATS client for Dart language


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