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discontinuedreplaced by: drift_dev

Dev-dependency to generate table and dataclasses together with the moor package.

2.1.1 #

  • Fix a crash when using common table expressions in custom statements
  • Don't use a moor specific caching graph across build steps

2.1.0 #

  • Accept inheritance in table definitions (e.g. if an abstract class declared as IntColumn get foo => integer()(), tables inheriting from that class will also have a foo column)
  • New use_data_class_name_for_companions option that will make the name of the companion based on the data class name (uses table name by default).
  • New use_column_name_as_json_key_when_defined_in_moor_file option to use the column name instead of the Dart getter name as json key for columns declared in moor files

2.0.1 #

2.0.0 #

  • Rewritten generator with looser coupling to the build package
  • Implementation of an SQL IDE as analyzer plugin
  • Support sqlparser 0.3.0 and updated grammar for moor files

1.7.1 #

  • Drop support for analyzer versions <0.36.4. They weren't supported in version 1.7.0 either, but the pubspec.yaml did not specify this correctly.
  • Support for moor version 1.7.1, which contains a fix for integer columns declared as primary key

1.7.0 #

  • Support type converters that were introduced in moor 1.7
  • Support parsing and generating code for .moor files (see docs).

1.6.0+2 #

  • Generate code to expand array variables

The +1 release has no changes to 1.6.0, there were issues while uploading to pub. +2 fixes delivers on the promise of supporting the analyze 0.37

1.5.0 #

  • Parse custom queries and write generated mapping code.
  • Refactorings and minor improvements in the generator

For more details on the new features, check out changelog of the moor package.

1.4.0 #

  • Added the RealColumn, which stores floating point values
  • Better configuration for the serializer with the JsonKey annotation and the ability to use a custom ValueSerializer

1.3.0 #

  • Moor now supports table joins
    • Added table aliases
  • Default values for columns: Just use the withDefault method when declaring a column
    • added expressions that resolve to the current date or time
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the first operation was a transaction
  • Better support for custom expressions as part of a regular query
  • Faster hashcode implementation in generated data classes

1.2.0 #

  • Blob data type
  • Generated classes now use lazy getters instead of recalculating fields on each access
  • Custom Constraints
  • Data classes can be converted from and to json

1.1.0 #

  • The generated data classes now implement toString()

1.0.0 #

  • Initial version of the Moor generator