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Moor is a safe and reactive persistence library for Dart applications

Official Stream Chat Persistence library. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

A DB cache store implementation with Moor for dio_cache_interceptor package.

Flutter plugin that can help you get remote or local video preview image and cache it.

storage extension for the stash caching API. Provides support to store caches in a sqlite database in binary format using the msgpack json format

A database synchronization framework where each client's local offline database can be synchronized on-demand via network into a single centralized database hosted on a server.

Supporting package for SQL or Moor that allows the easy export of SQL based Moor databases to CSV form, for external storage or sharing. Works on all platforms other than Web.

A implementation of the shadertoy storage API using Sqlite as the storage backend

An entity sync library for Dart developers.

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