mocktail 0.1.1
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A Dart mocking library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.

0.1.1 #

  • fix: add missing fallback value (#34)
  • docs: fix broken link in API documentation (#33)

0.1.0 #

  • feat: add Mock.throwOnMissingStub()
  • fix: make Mock instances immutable
  • chore: convert to test: ^1.16.0

0.0.2-dev.6 #

  • fix: typo in matcher registration (setUpAll)
  • chore: upgrade to test_api: ^0.3.0

0.0.2-dev.5 #

  • fix: verify should use arg matcher from invocation if a matcher wasn't provided

0.0.2-dev.4 #

  • BREAKING fix: verifyInOrder handles multiple method invocation verifications
  • test: 100% coverage
  • docs: additional inline API documentation updates

0.0.2-dev.3 #

  • BREAKING fix: verifyInOrder function signature
  • docs: update inline API documentation
  • test: add nnbd compat tests

0.0.2-dev.2 #

  • chore: documentation updates

0.0.2-dev.1 #

  • BREAKING refactor: removed the of parameter of matchers in exchange for a registerFallbackValue

0.0.2-dev.0 #

  • BREAKING refactor: revamp mocktail API to be typesafe instead of relying on Symbol

0.0.1-dev.12 #

  • fix: any matcher with no value

0.0.1-dev.11 #

  • chore: bump dependencies
    • matcher: ^0.12.10
    • test: ^1.16.0

0.0.1-dev.10 #

  • feat: thenReturn argument is optional for VoidCallback returns
    • when(cat).calls(#makeSound).thenReturn()
  • feat: add support for captured with captureAny and captureAnyThat matchers
  • fix: verify fixes for default arguments (named and positional)

0.0.1-dev.9 #

  • fix: call verification count per specific real invocation

0.0.1-dev.8 #

  • fix: throw NoSuchMethodError when arguments match but memberName does not

0.0.1-dev.7 #

  • BREAKING refactor: rename verify(mock).calls(#member) to verify(mock).called(#member)
  • feat: add any argument matcher support to verify and calls
  • feat: add anyThat argument matcher support to verify and calls
  • feat: support verify(mock).called(#member).once()
  • feat: support verify(mock).called(#member).never()
  • feat: improve error messages to include invocation arguments

0.0.1-dev.6 #

  • BREAKING refactor: use Symbol rather than String
  • fix: strict argument matching on verification when arguments are provided

0.0.1-dev.5 #

  • fix: override toString on MocktailFailure to improve visibility of failure messages

0.0.1-dev.4 #

  • feat: add Matcher support to verify times API
  • docs: minor usage documentation updates in README

0.0.1-dev.3 #

  • BREAKING refactor: rename positionalArgs to positionalArguments
  • BREAKING refactor: rename namedArgs to namedArguments
  • fix: thenAnswer callback contains correct Invocation
  • docs: minor documentation updates

0.0.1-dev.2 #

  • docs: minor updates to README
  • docs: minor updates to example

0.0.1-dev.1 #

  • feat: initial release 🎉
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A Dart mocking library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.

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