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The oficial CLI for icons.meedu.app

The oficial CLI for icons.meedu.app

Install #

dart pub global activate micons_cli


flutter pub global activate micons_cli

Commands #

// To login in your icons.meedu.app account
micons login

// To initialize the icons.meedu.app package in the current directory
micons init

// Pull the ttf file and update the icons.dart file with the latest package changes from icons.meedu.app
micons pull

// You can use the file argument to use a different config file. Useful when you have multiple packages in one single project.
micons pull --file=your_config_file.json

// Use useApiKey=true if you are running a CI/CD process.
// Keep in mind that you must define an environment variable called MICONS_API_KEY with your API key.
micons pull --useApiKey=true

// Or 
micons pull --useApiKey=true --MICONS_API_KEY=YOUR_API_KEY

// Remove the current session data
micons logout