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A MFM (Misskey Flavored Markup language) Renderer for Flutter.

This package is MFM renderer for Flutter.

Overview #

MFM is markup language like markdown which is used Misskey. This package is not rely to webview.

Features #

This package supports these MFM syntaxes.

  • Quote Block (>)
  • Code Block (Inline, Block)
  • Center Block
  • Text Decoration (bold, big, italic, small, change fonts, strike, background color, foreground color)
  • Emoji Code, Unicode Emoji Code
    • mfm_render will not build Image widget. you can pass builder arguments to MFM Widget.
  • Plain inline Block
  • Math Block, Math Inline Block
    • Misskey is not supported these syntax but did not nyaize.
  • Mention, Hashtags, URL Link
  • Search syntax
  • Translate Items($[scale $[position $[flip )
  • Blur Items
  • Ruby ($[ruby])
  • Show absolute time($[unixtime])
  • MFM Animations
    • $[rainbow] $[shake] $[jelly] $[twitch] $[bounce] $[jump] $[spin] and $[spakle]
  • Nyaize these items (such as なんなん to にゃんにゃん) if you want.
  • Inline Border $[border]

Getting started #

flutter pub add mfm

Usage #

See example/lib/main.dart.