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maxilozoz_box #

A new Flutter package project.

Getting Started #

This project is a starting point for a Dart package, a library module containing code that can be shared easily across multiple Flutter or Dart projects.

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.

测试 #

flutter test test/[*].dart

文档 #

启动 #

    import 'package:maxilozoz_box/application.dart';
    final Application app = new Application();;

路由 #

    import 'package:maxilozoz_box/modules/route/route.dart';

    MinRoute route = app.make('route');

    route.add('/', () => DemoPage());

    route.add('/page/:id', (Map data) => RegExpDemoPage(id: int.parse(data['id'])));

如果带参, 函数类型必须带有实参, 不然匹配不到

路由中间件 #

    import 'package:maxilozoz_box/modules/route/routeMiddleware.dart';
    class TestMiddleware {
        RouteMiddlewareFilterItem filter(RouteSettings settings){
            //    ok 过滤结果 如果为假 则会停止其余中间件
            //    settings 如需要重新定向路由, 需要设置新的name
            RouteMiddlewareFilterItem item = RouteMiddlewareFilterItem(ok: true, settings: settings);
            // auth is false, to auth
            bool auth = false;
            if(!auth) {
                item.settings = settings.copyWith(name: '/auth/login');
                item.ok = false;
            return item;

    route.routeMiddleware.add('auth', TestMiddleware());

    //添加一个路径为/path的路由 并设置`auth`中间件
    //访问/path会直接定向到/auth/logi页面 因为`auth`中间件因判断没有登陆修改了路由
    route.add('/path', (){}, middlewares: ['auth']);

配置参数 #


    //设置当前环境`http_connect_timeout` 默认设置生产环境
        'http_connect_timeout': 500

        'http_connect_timeout': 500
    }, dev: true);

        'http_connect_timeout': 500
    }, dev: false);


参考 Dio 3.0.1

    import 'package:maxilozoz_box/modules/http/http.dart';
    Http http = app.make('http');

日志 #

    List<String> logs = app.log(key: 'key');

    app.log(key: 'key', logStr: '...');

    //限制日志存储长度, 会自动剔除老日志
    app.log(key: 'key', logStr: '...', limit: 200);

其他 #

依赖注入 #

    //加入 utils 依赖, 每次获取到的依赖相同
    app.bind('utils', (Application app, dynamic params){
        return (){

    //关闭分享依赖 每次获取的依赖不同
    app.bind('utils', (Application app, dynamic params){
        return (){
    }, share: true);

    //获取 utils 依赖

    //对于分享的依赖, 可以设置 force 强制产生新的依赖
    app.make('utils', force: true);

    //获取依赖可以传递参数 对于不分享的依赖每次可以取得不同的特性
    app.make('utils', params: {
        'key': 'value'

    app.bind('utils', (Application app, dynamic params){
        return (){
            //可以获取其他依赖 自动解决依赖关系!
            print('utils' + app.make('other'));
    }, share: true);

服务提供者 #

    import 'package:maxilozoz_box/application.dart';

    class TestServiceProvider {
        String get name {
            return 'test';

        void register(Application app){
            app.bind('test', (Application app, dynamic params) {
                return "test";

        //暂时无用 留空即可
        void boot(Application app){}