matomo 0.0.2

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A Dart Client for Matomo API

matomo #

A Dart Client for Matomo. This is completely written in Dart and works cross-platform.

Getting Started #

    matomo: ^0.0.2

As early as possible in your application you need to configure the Matomo Tracker to pass the URL endpoint of your instance and your Site ID.

    await MatomoTracker().initialize(
        siteId: siteId,
        url: '',

To track views simply replace StatelessWidget by TraceableStatelessWidget, StatefulWidget by TraceableStatefulWidget and finally InheritedWidget by TraceableInheritedWidget.

You can also optionally call directly trackScreen or trackScreenWithName to track a view.

For tracking goals and events call trackGoal and trackEvent respectively.

Opting Out #

If you want to offer a way for the user to opt-out of analytics, you can use the setOptOut() call.