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Mason CLI allows developers to create and consume reusable templates called bricks.

0.1.0-dev.55 #

  • deps: upgrade to mason 0.1.0-dev.53 and mason_logger v0.2.15
    • bump minimum Dart SDK to 3.3.0
  • deps: upgrade to cli_completion 0.5.0

0.1.0-dev.54 #

  • feat: add --set-exit-if-changed to mason bundle (#1229)
  • chore(deps): upgrade dependencies

0.1.0-dev.53 #

  • feat: add --watch to mason make (#1131)

0.1.0-dev.52 #

  • upgrade to mason 0.1.0-dev.51 and mason_logger v0.2.9
    • fix: arrow keys on windows (#816)
  • chore: improve lint rules
  • chore: dart fix --apply
  • chore(deps): upgrade dependencies

0.1.0-dev.51 #

  • feat: support for type list in brick.yaml vars
        type: list
        description: Your favorite languages
        prompt: What are your favorite languages?

0.1.0-dev.50 #

  • feat: standardize stdout across commands
  • feat: mason init does not automatically install the "hello" brick
  • feat: mason init enhancements to the comments in the generated mason.yaml

0.1.0-dev.49 #

  • fix: loop detection in runSubstitution
    • deps: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.47
  • feat: mason new updates existing brick
  • refactor: streamline stdout from mason bundle
  • refactor: mason add uses "build" instead of "compile"

0.1.0-dev.48 #

  • feat: add --force and --dry-run to publish command

0.1.0-dev.47 #

  • feat: add repository field and README updates to new brick
  • feat: support publish_to field in brick.yaml
  • deps: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.46

0.1.0-dev.46 #

  • fix: brick git installation algorithm
  • deps: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.43

0.1.0-dev.45 #

  • feat: add --quiet flag to make command
  • deps: upgrade dependencies
    • Dart >=2.19
    • mason ^0.1.0-dev.42
    • mason_api ^0.1.0-dev.10
    • very_good_analysis ^4.0.0

0.1.0-dev.44 #

  • fix: silent update failures

0.1.0-dev.43 #

  • deps: upgrade dependencies
    • Dart >=2.17
    • cli_completion ^0.2.0
    • mason ^0.1.0-dev.41
    • mason_api ^0.1.0-dev.9
    • very_good_analysis ^3.1.0

0.1.0-dev.42 #

  • deps: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.40
  • feat: mason search separator length uses terminalColumns
  • feat: improve error when running mason add in an uninitialized workspace

0.1.0-dev.41 #

  • feat: add completion

0.1.0-dev.40 #

  • feat: add hooks/build to .gitignore when generating new brick
  • deps: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.39

0.1.0-dev.39 #

  • perf: compile bricks
  • deps: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.38

0.1.0-dev.38 #

  • deps: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.35

0.1.0-dev.37 #

  • feat: support mason upgrade -g
  • deps: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.34
  • deps: upgrade to mason_api: ^0.1.0-dev.8
  • deps: upgrade to pub_updater: ^0.2.2

0.1.0-dev.36 #

  • feat: support mason add <brick> <version>

0.1.0-dev.35 #

  • fix: upgrade from subdirectory w/relative paths
  • fix: add from subdirectory w/relative path
  • feat: use logger link api

0.1.0-dev.34 #

  • fix: call close on MasonApi client

0.1.0-dev.33 #

  • feat: disable lints in Dart bundles
  • docs: add additional metadata to pubspec.yaml

0.1.0-dev.32 #

  • refactor(deps): remove pkg:universal_io
  • feat: upgrade to mason_api: ^0.1.0-dev.6
  • feat: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.30
    • includes mason_logger: ^0.1.1

0.1.0-dev.31 #

  • feat: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.29
    • includes mason_logger: ^0.1.0

0.1.0-dev.30 #

  • feat: support bundling git and hosted bricks

    # Create a bundle from a git brick.
    mason bundle --source git
    # Create a bundle from a hosted brick.
    mason bundle --source hosted <BRICK_NAME>

0.1.0-dev.29 #

  • feat: support array vars in brick.yaml
  • feat: bump minimum mason version in new bricks

0.1.0-dev.28 #

  • feat: support enum vars in brick.yaml

0.1.0-dev.27 #

  • feat: add mason search command
  • feat: improve usage exceptions

0.1.0-dev.26 #

  • feat: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.23
    • includes mason_logger: ^0.1.0-dev.9

0.1.0-dev.25 #

  • feat: add mason upgrade command to upgrade bricks to their latest versions

0.1.0-dev.24 #

  • fix: add link to mason badge in new brick READMEs

0.1.0-dev.23 #

  • feat: add mason badge to new bricks

    ![Powered by Mason](

0.1.0-dev.22 #

  • feat: upgrade to mason: ^0.1.0-dev.15

0.1.0-dev.21 #

  • feat: add --hooks flag to mason new command

0.1.0-dev.20 #

  • fix: mason add fix progress logging typo

0.1.0-dev.19 #

  • docs: add note regarding .mason and mason-lock.json
  • chore: upgrade to mason 0.1.0-dev.14
  • chore: add policy details on publish

0.1.0-dev.18 #

  • feat: generate mason-lock.json to lock brick versions

0.1.0-dev.17 #

  • chore: use fixed version of hello brick in mason init

0.1.0-dev.16 #

  • feat: upgrade to mason_api ^v0.1.0-dev.4
    • improve error messages for mason publish

0.1.0-dev.15 #

  • BREAKING: feat: mason new only generates new brick w/custom output-dir
  • feat: mason init only generate mason.yaml
  • feat: mason new adjust generated file name
  • feat: mason new add inline comments brick.yaml
  • feat: mason new include README, CHANGELOG, and LICENSE

0.1.0-dev.14 #

  • feat: add mason unbundle command
  • chore: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.10

0.1.0-dev.13 #

  • feat: improve stdout for mason bundle
  • fix: mason list git path parsing

0.1.0-dev.12 #

  • feat: support for environment in brick.yaml
    • mason init includes environment
    • mason new includes environment
  • feat: verify brick compatibility
    • mason get ensures bricks are compatible
    • mason add ensures bricks are compatible
    • mason make ensures bricks are compatible

0.1.0-dev.11 #

  • BREAKING: feat: mason add support for hosted bricks

    # add from registry
    mason add my_brick
  • feat: mason login command

  • feat: mason logout command

  • feat: mason publish command

  • feat: mason list includes brick source

  • fix: clear bricks.json prior to fetching via mason get

  • fix: verify/validate brick name matches name in mason.yaml during mason get

  • fix: simplify update prompt styling

  • refactor: populate bricks from bricks.json directly

  • refactor: remove dependency on package:archive

  • docs: update README to include new commands

  • chore: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.7

  • chore: upgrade to Dart 2.16

0.1.0-dev.10 #

  • BREAKING feat: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.6

    • add --set-exit-if-changed to make command

      # fail with exit code 70 if any files were changed
      mason make greeting --name Dash --set-exit-if-changed
      ✓ Made brick greeting (0.1s)
      ✓ Generated 1 file: (new)
      ✗ 1 file changed

0.1.0-dev.9 #

  • feat: apply bzip compression to universal bundle
  • chore: fix typo in CHANGELOG

0.1.0-dev.8 #

  • feat: add mason update command
  • feat: remove auto-update prompt when newer version exists
  • docs: minor updates to CLI description and README

0.1.0-dev.7 #

  • BREAKING feat: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.5

    • computed vars support via HookContext

      // pre_gen.dart
      import 'package:mason/mason.dart';
      // Every hook must contain a run method which accepts a `HookContext`
      // from package:mason/mason.dart.
      void run(HookContext context) {
        // Read / Write vars
        context.vars = {
          'custom_var': 'foo',
        // Use the logger'hello from pre_gen.dart');

0.1.0-dev.6 #

  • BREAKING feat: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.4
    • version is required in MasonBundle
    • brick.yaml variable enhancement support
  • feat: mason make <brick> --help variable enhancements
    • show variable types, descriptions, and default values
  • feat: enhance bricks generated by:
    • mason init
    • mason new
  • feat: mason ls returns bricks in alphabetical order

0.1.0-dev.5 #

  • BREAKING feat: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.3
    • version is required in brick.yaml
  • feat: add version to newly created bricks
    • mason new and mason init

0.1.0-dev.4 #

  • chore: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.2

0.1.0-dev.3 #

  • feat: add mason list --global (#176)
  • chore(deps): upgrade to build_verify: ^3.0.0

0.1.0-dev.2 #

  • feat: upgrade to mason ^0.1.0-dev.1

0.1.0-dev.1 #

Dev Release

  • chore: initial package (🚧 under construction 🚧)
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Mason CLI allows developers to create and consume reusable templates called bricks.

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