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A Marketplace API developed by FromTheInternet

marketplace-api #

A Marketplace API using OAuth2 for applications developed by FromTheInternet

Requirements #

Dart 1.20.0 or later OR Flutter 0.0.20 or later

Installation & Usage #

Github #

If this Dart package is published to Github, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

name: marketplace-api
version: 1.0.0
description: A Marketplace API developed by FromTheInternet
      version: 'any'

Local #

To use the package in your local drive, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

    path: /path/to/marketplace-api

Tests #


Getting Started #

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:marketplace-api/api.dart';

// TODO Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: application
//marketplace-api.api.Configuration.accessToken = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN';

var api_instance = new BasketsApi();
var basketId = basketId_example; // String | Assigned Id of the basket you are deleting.

try {
} catch (e) {
    print("Exception when calling BasketsApi->basketsBasketIdDelete: $e\n");

Documentation for API Endpoints #

Class Method HTTP request Description
BasketsApi basketsBasketIdDelete DELETE /baskets/{basketId} Delete basket in marketplace
BasketsApi basketsBasketIdGet GET /baskets/{basketId} Get basket
BasketsApi basketsBasketIdPut PUT /baskets/{basketId} Replace basket
BasketsApi basketsGet GET /baskets Get all baskets
BasketsApi basketsPost POST /baskets Add basket
BasketsApi basketsProductProductIdDelete DELETE /baskets/product/{productId} Delete baskets with product Id in marketplace
CategoriesApi categoriesCategoryIdDelete DELETE /categories/{categoryId} Delete category
CategoriesApi categoriesCategoryIdGet GET /categories/{categoryId} Get Category by Id
CategoriesApi categoriesCategoryIdPut PUT /categories/{categoryId} Replace category
CategoriesApi categoriesGet GET /categories Get all categories
CategoriesApi categoriesPost POST /categories Add category
CustomersApi customersCustomerIdDelete DELETE /customers/{customerId} Delete Customer in marketplace
CustomersApi customersCustomerIdGet GET /customers/{customerId} Get Customer
CustomersApi customersCustomerIdPut PUT /customers/{customerId} Replace Customer
CustomersApi customersGet GET /customers Get all Customers
CustomersApi customersPost POST /customers Add Customer
OrdersApi orderOrderIdDelete DELETE /order/{orderId} Delete Order in marketplace
OrdersApi orderOrderIdGet GET /order/{orderId} Get Order
OrdersApi orderOrderIdPut PUT /order/{orderId} Replace Order
OrdersApi orderStatusStatusGet GET /order/status/{status} Get All Orders with status
OrdersApi ordersGet GET /orders Get all Orders
OrdersApi ordersPost POST /orders Add order
ProductsApi productsCategoryCategoryIdGet GET /products/category/{categoryId} Get product by category Id
ProductsApi productsGet GET /products Get all products
ProductsApi productsPost POST /products Add product
ProductsApi productsProductIdDelete DELETE /products/{productId} Delete product in marketplace
ProductsApi productsProductIdGet GET /products/{productId} Get product
ProductsApi productsProductIdPut PUT /products/{productId} Replace product
StoresApi storesGet GET /stores Get all Stores
StoresApi storesPost POST /stores Add store
StoresApi storesStoreIdDelete DELETE /stores/{storeId} Delete store
StoresApi storesStoreIdGet GET /stores/{storeId} Get store by Id
StoresApi storesStoreIdPut PUT /stores/{storeId} Replace store
TagsApi tagsGet GET /tags Get all Tags
TagsApi tagsPost POST /tags Add Tag
TagsApi tagsTagIdDelete DELETE /tags/{tagId} Delete Tag in marketplace
TagsApi tagsTagIdGet GET /tags/{tagId} Get Tag
TagsApi tagsTagIdPut PUT /tags/{tagId} Replace Tag

Documentation For Models #

Documentation For Authorization #

application #

  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: application
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes:
  • write: allows modifying resources
  • read: allows reading resources

Author #

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A Marketplace API developed by FromTheInternet


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