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A new markdown package. It supports TOC function, code highlighting, and it supports all platforms

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📖markdown_widget #

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A simple and easy-to-use markdown rendering component.

  • Supports TOC (Table of Contents) function for quick location through Headings
  • Supports code highlighting
  • Supports all platforms

🚀Usage #

Before starting, you can try out the online demo by clicking demo

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:markdown_widget/markdown_widget.dart';

class MarkdownPage extends StatelessWidget {
  final String data;


  Widget build(BuildContext context) => Scaffold(body: buildMarkdown());

  Widget buildMarkdown() => MarkdownWidget(data: data);

If you want to use your own Column or other list widget, you can use MarkdownGenerator

  Widget buildMarkdown() =>
      Column(children: MarkdownGenerator().buildWidgets(data));

🌠Night mode #

markdown_widget supports night mode by default. Simply use a different MarkdownConfig to enable it.

  Widget buildMarkdown(BuildContext context) {
    final isDark = Theme.of(context).brightness == Brightness.dark;
    return MarkdownWidget(
        data: data,
            isDark ? MarkdownConfig.darkConfig : MarkdownConfig.defaultConfig);
Default mode Night mode

You can customize the style and click events of links, like this

  Widget buildMarkdown() => MarkdownWidget(
      data: data,
      config: MarkdownConfig(configs: [
          style: TextStyle(
            decoration: TextDecoration.underline,
          onTap: (url) {
            ///TODO:on tap

📜TOC (Table of Contents) feature #

Using the TOC is very simple

  Widget buildTocWidget() => TocWidget(controller: tocController);

  Widget buildMarkdown() => MarkdownWidget(data: data, tocController: tocController);

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
        body: Row(
          children: <Widget>[
            Expanded(child: buildTocWidget()),
            Expanded(child: buildMarkdown(), flex: 3)

🎈Highlighting code #

Highlighting code supports multiple themes.

import 'package:flutter_highlight/themes/a11y-light.dart';

  Widget buildMarkdown() => MarkdownWidget(
      data: data,
      config: MarkdownConfig(configs: [
        PreConfig(theme: a11yLightTheme, language: 'dart'),

🧬Select All and Copy #

Cross-platform support for Select All and Copy function.


🌐Html tag #

As the current package only implements the conversion of Markdown tags, it does not support the conversion of HTML tags by default. However, this functionality can be supported through extension. You can refer to the usage in html_support.dart for more details.

Here is the online HTML demo showcase

🧮Latex support #

The example also includes simple support for LaTeX, which can be implemented by referring to the implementation in latex.dart

Here is the online latex demo showcase

🍑Custom tag implementation #

By passing a SpanNodeGeneratorWithTag to MarkdownGeneratorConfig, you can add new tags and the corresponding SpanNodes for those tags. You can also use existing tags to override the corresponding SpanNodes.

You can also customize the parsing rules for Markdown strings using InlineSyntax and BlockSyntax, and generate new tags.

You can refer to this issue to learn how to implement a custom tag.

If you have any good ideas or suggestions, or have any issues using this package, please feel free to open a pull request or issue.

🧾Appendix #

Here are the other libraries used in markdown_widget

Packages Descriptions
markdown Parsing markdown data
flutter_highlight Code highlighting
highlight Code highlighting
url_launcher Opening links
visibility_detector Listening for visibility of a widget;
scroll_to_index Enabling ListView to jump to an index.
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A new markdown package. It supports TOC function, code highlighting, and it supports all platforms

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