major_graphql 0.0.3+1

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Runtime component of major_graphql

major_graphql #

major_graphql uses the dart build system and gql to generate built_value classes, primarily for use in client side applications.

Packages #

There is also an example major_todo_app which is livecoded on youtube.

Usage #

build.yaml: #

        enabled: true
          schema: major_graphql_example|lib/graphql/schema.graphql

pubspec.yaml: #

  major_graphql: ^0.0.1
  # or major_graphql_flutter: ^0.0.1 for flutter

  major_graphql_generator: ^0.0.1
  build_runner: ^1.7.4

dev notes #

  • irreducibleTypes are types for which selection sets should not be generated. You can supply your own type for them as well by setting generate: false. They are still assumed to be built value types unless they are in the scalars map. Not that you need to refer to them in the config by their graphql type name.
  • replaceTypes ma