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A dart package for integration m4e payments into flutter and dart applications

[0.0.1] #

  • Implemented phone number authentication and OTP verification
  • Implemented minimal wallet and transaction features
  • Generated documentation

[0.0.2] #

  • Breaking Change
  • Fixed bug with generating authentication otp verification appropriate challenge authorization header
  • General refactoring with naming conventions [All models and services are prefixed with M4e]
  • Re-generated documentation

[0.0.3-dev.1] #

  • Breaking Change
  • Implemented signout feature
  • Fixed bug with serializing authentication token

[0.0.3-dev.2] #

  • Breaking Change
  • Renamed UniqueId and UnitImpl classes to M4eUniqueId and VoidImpl respectively

[0.0.3-dev.3] #

  • Breaking Change
  • Implemented m4e user service
  • SLight refactoring with auth-phone-number form and auth-otp-verification form

[0.0.3-dev.4] #

  • Exposed auth credential methods

[0.0.3-dev.5] #

  • Fix bugs related to sdk-config
  • Completed m4e user registration feature
  • Slight refactor on entities forms and services

[0.0.3-dev.6] #

  • [TODO] Implement m4e user wallets based on entity-wallet-permissions
  • Implemented creating m4e wallet using [M4eWalletForm]
  • Slight refactor on m4e wallet service

[0.0.3-dev.7] #

  • Fixed a bug with creating wallet

[0.0.3-dev.8] #

  • Breaking change
  • Added [NOT_FOUND] exception code
  • Refactored exceptions
  • M4e user serialization fix

[0.0.3-dev.9] #

  • Fix issues with [NOT_FOUND] exception code

[0.0.3-dev.10] #

  • Implemented phone number querying for user

[0.0.3-dev.11] #

  • Breaking change in wallet feature
  • Implemented m4e-permissions
  • implemented entity-wallet permissions on wallet creation.

[0.0.3-dev.12] #

  • Fixed bugs with m4e-wallet serialization

[0.0.3-dev.13] #

  • Breaking changes with [WalletService] getWallets method
  • Implemented feature to get other user wallets with appropriate permissions

[0.0.3-dev.14] #

  • Fix bug with encoding wallet-search form map object to json
  • Fix bug with [M4eWalletList] serialization

[0.0.3-dev.15] #

  • Breaking change in [M4eWalletService]
  • Refactored [M4eWalletService] getWallets to accept [M4ePhoneNumber]

[0.0.3] #

  • Implemented [M4eTransactionService] initiate-transaction feature
  • Implemented [M4eTransactionService] get-user-transactions feature
  • Implemented [M4eTransactionService] get-wallet-transactions feature

[0.0.4-dev.1] #

  • Fix few bugs with [TransactionService]
  • Mild refactoring to use [M4eCurrencyType] where applicable BugFix

[0.0.4-dev.2] #

  • Fix few bugs with [M4eTransactionForm] transaction-type
  • Mild refactor and cleanup
  • Modified [M4eTransactionMeta] type to [Map] to ensure dynamic structure to the meta object

[0.0.4-dev.3] #

  • Implemented wallet balance feature

[0.0.4-dev.4] #

  • Fix bug with serializing wallet balance

[0.0.4-dev.5] #

  • Refactored and tightened exception handling to properly propagate

[0.0.4-dev.6] #

  • Renamed [UnitImpl] to [M4eUnitImpl] to suit adopted naming convention

[0.0.4-dev.7] #

  • Breaking change with [M4eTransactionService], [M4eWallet] model and [M4eWalletForm] required parameters
  • Initiated wallet-detail-type incorporated into [M4eWallet] and [M4eWalletForm] types
  • Implemented wallet-wrapper feature on phone number related transactions

[0.0.4-dev.8] #

  • Updated to revised structure and format for [M4eWalletForm]

[0.0.4-dev.9] #

  • Updated server call to create wallets

[0.0.4-dev.10] #

  • Redesigned m4e-transaction workflow to incorporate mobile-money related transactions
  • Created example project for implemented m4e-sdk features. These include
    • Authentication,
    • User,
    • Wallet,
    • Transaction,

[0.0.4-dev.11] #

  • Implemented support for extension (as extension classes) on m4e-forms

[0.0.4-dev.12] #

  • Implemented support for extension (as extension classes) on m4e-models

[0.0.4-dev.13] #

  • Implemented m4e-transaction workflow to support making phone number related transactions (transfers with user phone number)

[0.0.4-dev.14] #

  • Fixed assert-bug resulting from making transactions with the same wallet (as sender and recipient wallet).

[0.0.4-dev.15] #

  • Fixed assert-bug resulting from making transactions with the same wallet (as sender and recipient wallet). Converted assert validation to proper error-case handling

[0.0.4-dev.16] #

  • Implemented get-wallet-by-user-id in wallet-service (retrieves other-user wallets when currentUserId and otherUserId is supplied as parameters)

[0.0.4] #

  • Fixed development-env base-url
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A dart package for integration m4e payments into flutter and dart applications



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