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Lottie widget and demo for Flutter.

LottieFlutter #

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Lottie-Flutter is based on Lottie-Android.

Original effort by Fabiomsr.

Lottie is a mobile library that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile!

Current status #

Achived rednering parity with lottie-android except for dash paths.

All samples included render. Motorcycle has some issues still, but also has issues on lottie-android (due to using effects that aren't supported).


  • [x] DashPathEffect ★ #9641
  • [ ] Add support for effects
  • [ ] Improve support for path operation/combinations
  • [ ] Support changing colors/timings the way lottie-android does
  • [ ] Support scaling larger or smaller than the containing widget?
  • [ ] Make more Dart/Flutter like. In particular, I'd like to split parsing up.

Lottie Files attribution #

The files in this project are from LottieFiles.com