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A complete flutter component package with Cupertino/Material Widget, HTTP Caller, Platform Identification, and much more.

liquidsoft_components #

---Currently in beta testing--- ---Please use with caution until we get to 1.0.0---

A lightweight but complete component package to get your flutter project off the ground.

Works with: iOS, Android, Web, macOS and all other flutter platforms

Includes the following;

  • HTTP Caller with error handling
    • Get, Post, Delete, Patch
    • Checks for connectivity on timeout (timeout set on init)
      • Throws connectivity error if connected to network but no internet access
      • Throws standard error on else
    • Returns back status code and error code dialog on error
    • if in debug mode throws error and prints out body
  • Get Platform Type or Group
    • Group - web, mobile, desktop, or unknown
    • Type - Web, iOS, Android, MacOS, Fuchsia, Linux, Windows, or Unknown
    • Structured to not error on web
  • Hex Conversion
    • converts Hex codes to Colors]
  • Dollar Formatting
    • easily format a number into a dollar string
    • 534223.45 => $534,223.45
  • Number Formatting
    • format a number into a format
    • optional format and local inputs
    • Standard format = "###.0#"
    • Standard locale = 'en_US'
    • 123.9847736274 => 123.98
  • Page Routing
    • Material or Cupertino Page Route based on Platform
    • Web defaults to Material
  • SnackBar
    • Easily call snackBar from anywhere in the app
    • requires context and Scaffold.of
  • Main Scaffold - In Development
    • Create a Material or Cupertino App
    • Material AppBar or Cupertino Sliver AppBar
    • Material or Cupertino Bottom Nav Bar
  • Secondary App Bar
    • Creates a Material or Cupertino appbar
    • Allows for a trailing Widget
  • Standard Dialog
    • Opens a cupertino or material dialog
  • Approval Dialog
    • Used for standard approvals, like deletions
    • Pass in a successCallback function
  • Buttons
    • Cupertino or Material button
    • adjust width, height,font size, and background color
  • DatePicker
    • Cupertino Date Wheel or Material Date Picker
  • Dropdown
    • Cupertino Picker or Material Dropdown
  • Header
    • Simple Header color, font sizes attributes
  • Logo
    • Returns logo based on dark or light theme
  • Multi-Text Field
    • Multiple line text field
    • Keyboard types, maxLines, editable, validation,focusNodes and more
  • Text Field
    • Single line text field
    • Suffix and Prefix Icons
    • Keyboard types, focusNodes, validation and more
  • Spinner
    • Cupertino or Material Spinner
    • Provide Text for context
  • Toggle Bar
    • Horizontal tab interface capable of handing any number of inputs.
    • Easily customize colors with an easy to use set of attributes.

Please check out each widgets page for implementation details

Getting Started #

Add liquidsoft_components to your pubspec.yaml

      liquidsoft_components: ^1.0.0

Import liquidsoft_components to main.dart file

import 'package:liquidsoft_components/liquid_components.dart';

Initialize liquidsoft_components

LiquidSoftComponents _liquidComponents = LiquidSoftComponents();

/// This is the bare minimum initialization
    httpHeaders: {
      "Authorization": "Your Auth Token",
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": '*',
      "content-type": "application/json",
    isDebug: false);

All Initialization attributes - bool isDebug - drives the outcome of the http and other error handling - String logoLocationLight || String logoLocationDark - Logo Location for each theme type - Map<String, String> httpHeaders - Headers to be passed via http call - String httpErrorHeader - Dialog header for http errors - String httpPreErrorMessage - Dialog body text pre error code message - String httpPostErrorMessage - Dialog body text post error code message - String connectivityErrorHeader - Dialog header for connectivity errors - String connectivityErrorMessage - Dialog body text for connectivity errors

Documentation #

Contributors Welcome #

  • Want to help out? You're more than welcome!
  • Fork the repo and send us a PR

Change Log #

Check out the file updates

Authors - #

License #

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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A complete flutter component package with Cupertino/Material Widget, HTTP Caller, Platform Identification, and much more.

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