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A Flutter plugin to implement liquid Swipe effect to provided widgets.

Liquid Swipe

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This repository contains the Liquid Swipe Flutter source code. Liquid swipe is the revealing clipper to bring off amazing liquid like swipe to stacked Container/Widgets and inspired by Cuberto's liquid swipe and IntroViews.

Table of contents #

Getting Started #

  • Add this to your pubspec.yaml

    liquid_swipe: ^3.1.0
  • Get the package from Pub:

    flutter packages get
  • Import it in your file

    import 'package:liquid_swipe/liquid_swipe.dart';

Usage #

  • Liquid Swipe just requires the list of Widgets like Container. Just to provide flexibity to the developer to design its own UI through it.
final pages = [
  • Now just pass these pages to LiquidSwipe widget.
 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return new MaterialApp(
     home: Builder(
         builder: (context) =>
                 pages: pages

Migration #

Some things to keep in mind while updating to v2.0.0 from any version.

  • v2.0.0 is migrated to null safety. See migration
  • Attribute enableSlideIcon is removed from LiquidSwipe. You can simply pass null to slideIconWidget to enable and disable it.
  • Attribute positionSlideIcon is now ranged from 0.0 to 1.0.
  • Next Reveal is there by default. If you want to disable it you might want to make changes in your fork. Create an issue I will help.

That's it ;)

Sample APK #

Please download apk from Releases or Assets folder

Documentation #

LiquidSwipe #

Please Refer to API documentation for more details.

Property Type Description Default Value
pages List<Widget> Set Pages/Views/Containers. See complete example for usage. @required value
fullTransitionValue double Handle swipe sensitivity through it. Lower the value faster the animation 400.0
initialPage int Set initial page value, wrong position will throw exception. 0
slideIconWidget Widget Icon/Widget you want to display for swipe indication. Remember the curve will be created according to it. null
positionSlideIcon double Icon position on vertical axis. Must satisfy this condition 0.0 <= value <= 1.0 0.8
enableLoop bool Whether you want to loop through all those pages. true
liquidController LiquidController Controller to handle some runtime changes. Refer null
waveType WaveType enum Type of clipper you want to use. WaveType.liquidReveal
onPageChangeCallback Callback Triggered whenever page changes. null
currentUpdateTypeCallback Callback Triggered whenever UpdateType changes. Refer null
slidePercentCallback Callback Triggered on Swipe animation. Use carefully as its quite frequent on swipe. null
ignoreUserGestureWhileAnimating bool If you want to block gestures while swipe is still animating. See #5 false
disableUserGesture bool Disable user gesture, always. false
enableSideReveal bool Enable/Disable side reveal false
preferDragFromRevealedArea bool Disabling the drag from the whole page and allowing only from the revealed part of the screen and the icon false

LiquidController #

A Controller class with some utility fields and methods.

Simple Usage :

Firstly make an Object of LiquidController and initialize it in initState()

   LiquidController liquidController;

   void initState() {
   liquidController = LiquidController();

Now simply add it to LiquidSwipe's Constructor

        pages: pages,
        LiquidController: liquidController,

Only Rules/Limitation to its Usage is, you can't use any method in Liquid Controller before build method is being called in which LiquidSwipe is initialized. So we have to use them after LiquidSwipe is Built

  • Properties
    • currentPage - Getter to get current Page. Default value is 0.
    • isUserGestureDisabled - If somehow you want to check if gestures are disabled or not. Default value is false;
  • Methods
    • animateToPage({required int page, int duration = 600}) Animate to mentioned page within given Duration Remember the duration here is the total duration in which it will animate though all pages not the single page.
    • jumpToPage({required int page}) Jump Directly to mentioned Page index but without Animation.
    • shouldDisableGestures({required bool disable}) Use this method to disable gestures during runtime, like on certain pages using OnPageChangeCallback.

Please Refer to API documentation for more details.

Credits #

Disclaimer : This project is not anyhow connected to Cuberto, but have apprised them through this issue. #

Author & support #

This project is created by Sahdeep Singh but with lots of support and help. See credits.

If you appreciate my work you can connect/endorse me on LinkedIn to keep me motivated.

Contributors ✨ #

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Sahdeep Singh


Yasser Omar Jammeli

💻 🐛

Mourad Brahim



🐛 📓

Federico Tarascio


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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A Flutter plugin to implement liquid Swipe effect to provided widgets.

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