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Flutter and Dart lint rules used at iteo

linteo #

License: MIT style: linteo

Provides set of Flutter and Dart linter rules used at iteo. By default, package enables all available lint rules (all_lint_rules.yaml) and disables some of them upon team agreement.

Install #

  1. Depend on this package as a dev_dependency by running flutter pub add --dev linteo
  2. Create analysis_options.yaml file at the root of the package (alongside the pubspec.yaml file) and include: package:linteo/analysis_options.yaml from it.

Example analysis_options.yaml file #

include: package:linteo/analysis_options.yaml

    # Adjust package to specific project needs
    # package_api_docs: true  # Uncomment to enable rule

Suppress lint #

Your project may require special case. Lint rules can be suppressed at the line, file, or project level.

Line Level #

Use an ignore: comment directly above the line

// ignore: public_member_api_docs
class A {}

File level #

Use an ignore_for_file: comment at the top of the file

// ignore_for_file: public_member_api_docs

class A {}

class B {}

Project Level #

Update root analysis_options.yaml according to your needs:

include: package:linteo/analysis_options.yaml
    public_member_api_docs: true

Badge #

Support the project using a badge in your repository