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Manage your in-app subscriptions with the LinkFive plugin - The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions.

4.0.0-3.beta #

  • Beta Release of new One Time Purchase API

New Purchase Methods #

  • purchaseFuture and restoreFuture returns a future and completes whenever the async update stream completes with the active Products

3.0.1 #

  • improved purchase process to prevent a PlatformException with message: There is a pending transaction ... for ongoing purchases.
  • Updated dependencies to latest

3.0.0 #

Breaking Change Update.

  • Flutter ^3.10 Update
  • Dart ^3.0.0 Update
  • We now support Google Play Base-Plans
  • We updated the in_app_purchase flutter lib to latest
  • There is a new Period class that holds a PeriodUnit and amount of units.
  • We added the PricingPhase to Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • We added a new Recurrence class that holds the subscription recurrence type

ProductDetails, Pricing Phase & Google‘s new Base Plans approach #

Google changed how they handle subscriptions and added Base Plans & PricingPhases to it's new data model. Unfortunately, the in_app_purchase library exposes different models depending on the platform.

We decided to combine the ProductDetails class into a simple to use class called LinkFiveProductDetails which holds pricingPhases for both platforms, Android & iOS.

class LinkFiveProductDetails {

  /// Platform dependent Product Details such as GooglePlayProductDetails or AppStoreProductDetails
  final ProductDetails productDetails;

  /// Base64 encoded attributes which you can define on LinkFive
  final String? attributes;

  /// Converts the new Google Play & AppStore Model to a known list of pricing phases
  List<PricingPhase> get pricingPhases;

Pricing Phase

The PricingPhase class now holds all information about the product and it's phases. An example would be a FreeTrial phase and a yearly subscription as 2 elements in the PricingPhase list.

Here are all interesting parts of the class:

class PricingPhase {
  /// Represents a pricing phase, describing how a user pays at a point in time.
  int get billingCycleCount;

  /// Billing period for which the given price applies, specified in ISO 8601 format.
  Period get billingPeriod;

  /// Returns formatted price for the payment cycle, including its currency sign.
  String get formattedPrice;

  /// Returns the price for the payment cycle in micro-units, where 1,000,000
  /// micro-units equal one unit of the currency.
  int get priceAmountMicros;

  /// ISO 4217 e.g. EUR, USD
  String get priceCurrencyCode;

  /// Recurrence of the phase
  Recurrence get recurrence;

Period & PeriodUnit class

The Period class now holds the length of a subscription.

class Period {
  final int amount;
  final PeriodUnit periodUnit;

enum PeriodUnit {

A Period of 3 months would be Period(amount: 3, periodUnit: MONTH) and a year would be Period(amount: 1, periodUnit: YEAR),

From the Period class to a readable user-friendly text

We added a intl-localization-package which uses the intl package that can help you translate the Period into a readable text.

Here is the package on

You can use the isoCode from the billingPeriod to get a readable String:

final translationClass = pricingPhase.billingPeriod.iso8601.fromIso8601(PaywallL10NHelper.of(context));

The translation class will output:

  • 7 days from P7D
  • 1 month from P1M
  • 3 months from P3M (or also quarterly)
  • 1 year from P1Y (or also yearly)

You can submit your own translation to it's github Repository.

2.1.3 #

  • Update dependencies
  • This will also fix the restore-bug on Android

2.1.2 #

  • Make plugin compatible with pre Flutter 3.0

2.1.1 #

  • Add Test API Key handling. Use "TmljZSAyIG1lZXQgeW91IE1yLkhhY2tlcg=" to quickly test this plugin but please do not use it more than just the initial testing.
  • Added some more Unit tests.

2.1.0 #

  • Update for Flutter ^3.0.0
  • fetchProducts() now waits until the initialization is done. There is no need to await LinkFiveProducts.init(...) anymore.
  • Update to in_app_purchase: 3.0.6
  • We added more unit tests.

2.0.2 #

  • We fixed a bug when setting the userID is not saved on the device.
  • we also implemented all new dart analysis changes
  • updated to flutter 2.10.4

2.0.1 #

  • fixing PendingPurchase handler which tells the UI that the purchase is ongoing.
  • We also now send the plugin version to LinkFive with each request
  • update the Example project

2.0.0 #

Release of LinkFive 2.0

With this major release we are paving the way for flutter web subscriptions as well as other exciting features coming soon to LinkFive.

A subscription is now called a Plan to prepare for flutter web subscriptions and other recurring or time-framed plans like coupon plans, team plans, etc.

  • LinkFivePurchases.fetchSubscriptions(); is now LinkFivePurchases.fetchProducts();
  • LinkFiveSubscriptionData is now LinkFiveProducts and they own a List of LinkFiveProductDetails for better understanding.
  • LinkFiveActiveSubscriptionData is now LinkFiveActiveProducts and they own a List of LinkFivePlan.

A LinkFivePlan has a completely new body:

  • String productId;

  • String planId;

  • String rootId;

  • DateTime purchaseDate;

  • DateTime endDate;

  • String storeType;

  • String? customerUserId;

  • bool? isTrial;

  • String? familyName;

  • String? attributes;

  • String? duration;

  • Listen on purchase updates changes from LinkFivePurchases.listenOnActiveSubscriptionData() to LinkFivePurchases.activeProducts which is much simpler.

Paywall UI Helper changes

  • products.getSubscriptionData(context: context) is now products.paywallUIHelperData(context: context)

  • LinkFivePurchases.init("API Key") now returns a Future<> which you should await before you fetch your products

1.5.0 #

Breaking change: fetchSubscriptions returns a Future<LinkFiveSubscriptionData?> instead of Future<List

LinkFiveSubscriptionData has List<LinkFiveProductDetails> linkFiveSkuData which contains the productDetail.

  • listenOnResponseData is now deprecated and won't be replaced.
  • LinkFiveVerifiedReceipt now has subscriptionDuration which containts the duration of the subscription. P1W, P1M, P3M, P6M, P1Y
  • Added some more documentation

1.4.0 #

Add Switch Plan functionality. You can now call LinkFivePurchases.switchPlan(...) to switch from one plan to another. Add more documentation

1.3.0 #

update to interface 0.0.7 return a Future<List

1.2.0 #

update to interface 0.0.6

  • It fetches the subscriptions on load call now update intl to 0.0.3 removed the unused android folder Prepared the package for the new LinkFive provider package

1.1.1 #

remove unused dependencies

1.1.0 #

add easy paywall ui integration. add provider example. add streambuilder example. add intl package. add interface package

1.0.1 #

  • fixed a bug where a purchase was not immediately processed as a purchase.

1.0.0 #

  • Initial and tested production release