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Libadwaita's widgets for Flutter. Following Gnome HIG and available on all platforms.

Changelog #

1.2.5 #

  • Set default header buttons to min, max and close at the right side

1.2.1 #

  • Improve Example
  • Upgrade Packages
  • Add onRightClick parameter for Headerbar's actions

1.2.0 #


  • flapPolicy and flapPosition are now removed from FlapStyle use FlapOptions and options parameter of AdwFlap.
    • Previously
        style: FlapStyle(
          width: ...,
          breakpoint: ...,
          flapPosition: ...,
          flapPolicy: ...,
    • Now
        style: FlapStyle(
          width: ...,
          breakpoint: ...,
        options: FlapOptions(
          flapPosition: ...,
          flapPolicy: ...,
  • Fix spelling by renaming seperator to separator everywhere
  • AdwPopupMenu is now GtkPopupMenu
  • AdwStackSwitcher is now GtkStackSwitcher
  • AdwToggleButton is now GtkToggleButton


  • headerbar parameter from AdwScaffold and AdwAboutWindow is deprecated
    • Previously
        headerbar: (viewS) => AdwHeaderBar(
          start: start,
          end: end,
          title: viewS ?? title,
        viewSwitcher: viewSwitcher,
    • Now
        start: start,
        end: end,
        title: title,
        viewSwitcher: viewSwitcher,


  • Add GtkDialog
  • Add appName and appVersion parameter
  • actions and controls parameter for AdwHeaderBar
  • Add ability to change horizontalTitleGap for AdwActionRow and AdwComboRow
  • Add visible property of FlapOptions
  • Add border to ViewSwitcher in mobile view
  • Init Translations


  • Remove null checks from WidgetsBinding (Flutter 3.0.0)
  • Changed launch to launchUrl for url_launcher package
  • Changed default value of horizontalTitleGap to 8
  • Switch to titlebar_buttons package as window_decorations is deprecated
  • Link to external examples in

1.0.2 #

  • Fix License in README

1.0.1 #

  • Relicense under MPL-2.0

1.0.0+2 #

  • Fix Table view on

1.0.0+1 #

  • Fix Example link

1.0.0 #


  • AdwHeaderBar.minimal is now AdwHeaderBar.custom
  • Remove label parameter from AdwTextField
  • ViewSwitcherStyle is now ViewSwitcherPolicy
  • ViewSwitcherStyle.desktop and are also renamed to ViewSwitcherPolicy.wide and ViewSwitcherPolicy.narrow

Changes to widgets #


  • Dropdown is now scrollable if too many elements are there


  • Renamed flapController to controller
  • Moved most of the things into FlapStyle class to simplify its usage in AdwScaffold


  • Now the AdwHeaderBar is not dependent on any package, windowDecor object is now optional
  • Add isTransparent parameter => Makes AdwHeaderBar's background and border color


  • Revisit popup menu by using popover_gtk package (popover package with fade transition) (#35)


  • Add autofocus parameter
  • Add prefixIcon parameter
  • Add onSubmitted parameter


  • Add badge in AdwViewSwitcher

New Widgets

  • AdwSwitch => port of GtkSwitch from gtk4
  • AdwAboutWindow => port of upcoming AdwAboutWindow from libadwaita

1.0.0-rc.2 #


  • AdwHeaderBarMinimal is now AdwHeaderBar.minimal
  • The start and end parameter of AdwHeaderBar are now List<Widget> instead of Widget
  • AdwTextButton is now AdwButton.flat
  • The height and expanded properties of ViewSwitcher are now deprecated

Other Changes

  • Add AdwComboRow, AdwAvatar, AdwButton(.pill, .circular, .flat)
  • Improve Header Button
  • Update Sidebar Theming
  • Update View Switcher theming
  • Remove Scroll errors from example app by improving AdwClamp

1.0.0-rc.1 #

  • Added the following widgets:
    • AdwScaffold
    • AdwTextField
    • AdwTextButton
    • AdwViewStack
    • WindowResizeListener
  • Fix Window buttons null error
  • Update Example
  • Update AdwActionRow & AdwStackSidebar
  • Improve AdwFlap

1.0.0-rc.0 #

  • Seperate libadwaita (Widgets) and adwaita (Colors)
  • Rename Every widget from GtkSomething to AdwSomething
  • Rename GtkContainer to AdwClamp and GtkTwoPane to AdwFlap
  • Add AdwPreferenceGroup and AdwActionRow from libadwaita.
  • Add AdwStackSidebar which is basically GtkStackSidebar
  • AdwHeaderBar parameter's
    • Replace leading with start
    • Replace trailing with end
    • Replace center with title

Older CHANGELOG can be found here

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Libadwaita's widgets for Flutter. Following Gnome HIG and available on all platforms.

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